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The Animal Resort Singapore @ Seletar West Farmway Review

Have you heard about The Animal Resort in Singapore?

Hidden in the north at the secluded Seletar West Farmway, The Animal Resort provides a peek into a rural Singapore with its kampong style setting. Located right at the footsteps of modern Sengkang, it provides an escape to yesteryear for the urbanites and their offspring.

The Animal Resort mini tour
The Animal Resort
Established in 2002, The Animal Resort is open FREE to public daily from 10am-5pm. The main activity there would be to feed the farm animals for a token fee.
Since it is the Easter Weekend, we decided to venture down to the off beaten track to find ourselves an 'Easter Bunny 'to feed. The boys pretty hyped up about going down to The Animal Resort especially since their positive 'epic' experiences with animal farms overseas at Melbourne and Gold Coast

Feeds @ The Animal Resort

Our first stop was the main building a resort to get our feeds for the animals. Price at a $2 for every 3 packets ( except horse feed), it was a very reasonable price to pay to get up close with the farm animals. A rule of the park is that you have to use their feeds to feed the animals. So leave the breadcrumbs that you prepared at home.

Our suggestion for the feeds, get some for the birds and lots of carrots. You can skip the food for fish and we will tell the reason why later. If you forgot your mosquito repellent (which is a must) , you can get it at the counter too.

The Animals @ The Animal Resort

Contrary to our experiences overseas, the animals found at The Animal Resort are much smaller in size in comparison. There were enough species to get the children excited. We headed straight for the wooden shed that contained rabbits and guinea pigs.

The boys' main intention of feeding the Easter Bunny or rabbit was thwarted when they realised that the rabbits were already well fed. With the number of carrots in their lair, these jumpers would have enough food to last them for days. It was no wonder that you do not see them jumping around the enclosure after having a feast.

We think you should save the carrots for something more interesting later.
Rabbits @ The Animal Resort

The same principle applied to fishes and turtles. As mentioned earlier, save your money on the fish feeds as the fishes are well fed in the premises. most of the fishes are too well fed to be up on the surface of the water.

Bird feeds will be a better option as there are plenty of birds you can feed at the farm.

Do note a point of safety. You can only hand-feed chickens and geese and not birds with sharp beaks.

That rule probably applied to the beautiful crown crane we spotted.
Crown Crane @ The Animal Resort

With hair like that, it was not difficult to spot on the farm.

Not all birds roam freely at The Animal Resort. The Peafowls were housed in changes.
Peahen @ The Animal Resort

It is a common misconception that Peafowls are known as Peacocks. Peacocks only applies to the main version of the bird and Peahen, the female version. In case you are wondering which is which, the prettier and more colourful one is the MALE!

Peacock @ The Animal Resort
There were also other exotic birds such as the Marabou Stork . Note that you are not allowed to feed these birds at the resort.
Marabou Stock @ The Animal Resort

Another impressive bird will be the Cassowary, the third tallest bird next to the Emu and Ostrich.
Cassowary @ The Animal Resort

Other birds such as ducks, chickens and parrots can be found within the compound. It may not be the bird park, but you get to get up close to them.

The Star of the farm will no doubt be the handsome male stallion known as Pin Number. It was the only Four Legged animal we found there ... saved for rabbits and guinea pigs which were mostly on their tummies anyways.

Pin Number had a colourful history as a racehorse. Unfortunately, a sore leg stopped him from racing and he is now officially retired.

To the kids, feeding Pin Number would probably be the highlight of the trip. Do prepare lots of carrots , hay and bread for Pin Number to feast on. As a male stallion eats about 11kg of food per day, it will welcome your food.

There were no horse riding available (it is retired), but getting so close to a horse and feeding it will always be magical.

That is until the little ones can read the sign that says HE BITES!

The best thing is not to tell the kids about it first. As long as you are feeding it the right way, it probably will be too busy enjoying its food to bite.

If you want a little respite from feeding the animals, there is a little play corner for kids.

Near the exit, there is a shop that sells animal-related stuff too.

The Animal Resort is not like your usual world-class animal attractions found in Singapore. If you are expecting farm animals such as goats and lambs, you might get a little disappointed. Even the petting stations looks like there is a need for an upgrade. Nonetheless, for an admission that does not cost a dime, this attraction would be a good place to bring kids to explore.

It's setting of untouched trees and the sandy path is a throwback to the rural landscape of Singapore that is slowly disappearing from this City State. It may not be an 'epic' adventure but it has its charm.

Getting there

Getting to The Aminal Resort was the tricky part of this excursion. Previous guides had started to use Jalan Kayu as the entry point. That road had now closed. To get there, use the entrance via Sengkang West Road instead. Just follow the sign on the road itself to take you to The Animal Resort.

There is a carpark when you reach there. Alternatively, you can park at the side of the road.

The Animal Resort
81 Seletar West Farmway 5
Opens 10am-5pm

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