Katapult Trampoline Park @ ORTO review

When the invitation came to review Katapult , a trampoline park nested in the serene ORTO enclave,  it was hard to resist. After previous positive experiences at similar trampoline park, we just had to see for ourselves what Katapult has to offer.

Katapult is located away from the eateries in ORTO. Head down to carpark B and you will find Katapult after you pass the longkang fishing pond.
Katapult cafe
Entrance is located on the 2nd level. There are limited slots for each one hour interval so our suggestion is to call in early to book a spot. While you are there , you can grad a drink at the katapult cafe . However do not drink too full, else you may do the Merlion while doing your jumps.

Grip socks is a must on the premises. if you do not have them , grab a pair of katapult branded socks from the counter at $2 each.

Watching the pre safety video is highly recommended so you will know what is right and wrong while doing trampoline jumps. While it is relatively safe activity for kids age 4 and above , there are some safety rules that you should follow in order to have a  fun yet safe time at Katapult.
Katapult @ ORTO
Katapult has 30 interconnected trampolines in its massive 14,000 square feet space. It is divided into several areas for jumpers of different levels.

Main court

The main jumping area is probably the best place to start to practise your basic jumps. Jumping is a great way to lose calories. If you can jump, land on your butt and be on your feet in one motion,  you would have master an essential skill in jumping.

For the record, the kids are pros at that, while poor me just got a butt to heavy to move in any direction when it lands on the mat.

Free Fall /  Bag Jump

This section is best for those who are practicing more advance skills in trampoline jump. If you want to do somersaults on a trampoline, we recommend you to use this section to practice your landing.
There are 2 giant airbags that will help you to cushion your fall. If you are brave enough, you can even request to jump off the 3 meters tall platform into the airbag to start your trampoline session.

Slack Line

There is also an area to help you practise balancing while you walk on across a thin piece of slack line. With cushy mats as support, you need not fear falling. Great for those who wants to take a break from jumping.

Wall Run

Next to the area it a spot for bigger kids and adults to practice wall running. ORTO is the only trampoline park in Singapore to feature an Olympic for wall running. Simply rebound on the trampoline and run vertically up the wall.
Picture Credit : ORTO

Unfortunately non of us can do it, so there is a lack of photos to show you the know how.

Slamdunk @ ORTO
Ever wanted to be Michael Jordan but felt you are a tad short to do a slam dunk. Now you can with the aid of trampoline at Katapult to fulfil your dreams.

It is a little harder than it looks, so expect loads of practise to get it right!


One of the best father and sons activity at the trampoline park is probably dodge ball. It is probably the only time you can hit the kids without regret. The boys had a ball of a time ganging up to bring this old man down!

Trampoline parks are not just meant for kids , the whole family can have a jumping good time there too!

At Katapult Trampoline Park, you can even have organise a kids party there. We bet that no kids will stay still during the party

For admission charges and party queries, fo visit Katapult website for more information.

Katapult Trampoline park
81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-11 ORTO, Singapore 769198
Opens daily, various timings

The Wacky Duo were invited for a day out at ORTO and a visit to Katapult is included for purpose of review. All opinions are of our own

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