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Diggersite @ East Coast Park Review

Diggersite @ East Coast Park

Heard of the latest attraction for kids in town?

If you have ever fancied operating one of the cranes you have seen around construction sites, you or your c,hild could have a chance to go at Diggersite @ East Coast Park. I must admit, it had been a secret desire to operate these mean machines; thus, when the opportunity arose to test drive them, it was an offer that was hard to resist.
Getting Started
Wear your helmets!
Diggersite brings these miniature versions of excavators to East Coast Park. It was an apt location, given that East Coast Park was formed with the help of cranes and excavators. When I told the boys they were going for some sand digging in East Coast Park, they initially thought it was with toys and shovels at the beach. However, when they saw the excavators, their eyes were excited. For this activity, they were joined by their cuz X.

The Wacky Trio can't wait to get started!

You can suit up with provided helmets and vests to get immersed into the role.
To operate the cranes, you would require tokens. Tokens can be obtained from the indoor station next to the leading site.

Fees are as follows$7 per token ( Each ride is about 5 minutes)$18 for 3 tokens$50 for a Membership card that gives you 10 tokens.

Each ride costs one token. Balance in the membership can be kept for future rides. Granted, it is not cheap, but these are real machines, not your amusement toys, that you pay $5 to ride in amusement parks.
Membership Card
The Stations
Sandpit station @ Diggersite
There are 3 stations around Diggersite. The most popular one would be the sandpit. The aim of the games is straightforward. Use the hydraulic excavator to dig the sand from the sandpit and fill it into the buckets provided. This station is outdoors, but there is a net shelter that offers sufficient cover from the scorching sun.
These excavators are different from your 'toy version' excavators you would find in your local toy store. Instead, these are actual machines that make real construction noises and jerky movements that are similar to a real crane.
The machines are meant for children aged 4 and upwards. Adults can have a go at it if they must. For kids less than 6, adult supervision is a must. For kids that age, adults can also co-ride with them to guide them along. Afterr seeing how much fun the boys had on the rides, if an adult is operating on them, they would probably take over the vehicle all for themselves!

It does take a little while to get used to it, but once the boys are familiar with the ride, it is good to go. Staff are on hand to give some tips to operate the machine when needed.

Even 5-year-old L had no issue operating it on his own. Just look at how he crossed his legs and used the machine simultaneously... like a boss.
Like a boss
It does take a lot of focus to get the job done, as demonstrated by the severe look on L.
Full concentration
Giant Crane / Claw Catcher
Crane Catcher @ Diggersite
Being big fans of claw catchers, we were delighted to see the modified diggers as a giant crane/claw catches.

The young padawans decided to test their claw-catching skills at this station. They were met with varying success with their catches. This station is much more complicated than it looks, so adult supervision is highly recommended for younger kids.

Wrecking Ball

The last station is the wrecking ball station. Here a mini wrecking ball is attached to the end of the crane and used to smash the bottles down. The crane is also under a shelter, but there is no sheltered waiting areas for this.

This is probably the most complicated station to master. We have seen adults struggling to hit the bottles down for this.

However, we discovered a hidden pro crane master in the family. L showed the way by knocking down all the bottles, not once but THREE times in 5 minutes. So wereckon this is probably aa new record at Diggersite, if there is one.
See the video below to check out this little pro in action.

I chatted with the owner, and apparently, more rides are planned for the future, including one used to move logs! If you are planning a party, you would be pleased to know that it does provide construction theme parties on weekdays.

Caution ahead

These machines are not toys. While it is relatively safe for the kids to operate the cranes as they are fitted with stoppers to limit their range to a safety level, it would be the accompanying adults or kids that caution needs to be applied.

For one, DO NOT put your foot on the excavators as you stand alongside your kids. One twist of the lever controlling your machines could mean trouble. Next, try not to stay too close to the device while watching. The device does turn from side to side and might hit you.
It would be great if signs are in place to remind everyone of the potential dangers. Nonetheless, these will not be an issue if you practise personal safety.

For those interested, park branded t-shirts and mini cranes are on sale.

A little secret from the owner, Mr Lim. He had initially set this up to sell his die-cast CAT construction models. However, the rides have now become the main attraction. It is also noted that this might be temporary as the lease for raintree cove will expire next year due to upgrading plans. So you should head down and enjoy it while you still can.

So what is the boy's verdict?

One word... Super-cool.

As for me, this is a great way to test your children's psycho-motor skills and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for kids.

Raintree Cove
1020 East Coast Parkway #01-04Operating Hours: 11am-9pm (Weekdays) 9am-9pm (Weekends)
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