Little Passports : A Global Adventure Review

We have a special delivery from the states. Its our Little Passports to a global adventure! Little Passports is subscription base product originated from US. It is created as a product meant for children ages 3-12.

The product can be ordered online. There are 3 different editions to choose from that is tailored made for different age group. You have the Early Explorers for ages 3-5 , the World Edition for ages 6-10 and the USA Edition for ages 7-12 . Each set of adventure promises to bring the world to you in a little package. Through this subscription , kids would get the opportunity to travel around the whole.

To get your own adventure, simply choose a plan, check you mailbox every month and you are ready for an adventure.

Early Explorers

We had the opportunity to review the Early Edition and the World Edition package for Little Passport. On the first month of the subscription , you will get a Kit to kickstart your adventure.

For the Early Explorers kit, it comes in a nifty orange suitcase that is filled with stickers, passport activity book, world map and a luggage tag.

You probably can have about a half hour to an hour of fun going through the items. The fun part would be the monthly world theme kits that comes with various items such as activity book, fun souvenirs , trading cards, letters, photos and luggage tags to continue the adventure.

For younger kids from age 3-5 with shorter attention spans, we reckon more activity base items would be more enticing for them. The monthly would be able to address that judging from what we see from the website.

World Edition

Similar to the Early Explore package, the World Edition also comes with a starter Explorer kit to start off the adventure. The Kit comes with a Blue luggage bag, detailed world map, passports and activity booklet.

We like the wall sized world map in this package. It is a great way to teach the children about the different places in the world. We are going to put this up our walls and use it to plan our next holidays!
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On it's own, it would probably be a little underwhelming. However when the monthly package arrived, it bring the kids to a whole new adventure. We received the landmarks package and it consist of landmarks trading cards, world landmarks introduction and little replicas of world icons.

Using the 'flashlight 'feature in the flashlight adventure, the kids had fun searching and identifying world landmarks.

In addition, I used the little replica of iconic landmarks with the World Map earlier to teach the boys where they are located around the world. After the game, the boys had said that they wanted to visit these places for themselves!

The best part about the subscription is the anticipation of the mail on a monthly basis. You can get yours too at Little Passports too.

Subscription is available for monthly, semi annually and annual basis.

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The Wacky Duo was provided a starter kit for review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are of our own.

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