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Tulipmania Rediscovered 2016 : The Ottoman Empire roots

The ever-changing displays at the Flower Dome is something that I anticipate. Since it's launch , the flower dome had brought us to far flung places around the world. It brings flowers from all over the world that we would have otherwise need to travel to see it.

Tulipmania 2016

Tulipmania is one of the display that we always look forward to. This is the 4th time it returns to our shore. Compared to previous years renditions base on Holland , this year brings us to the origin of Tulips... the ancient Ottoman Empire ( present - day Turkey).

For a glimpse of Tulipmania of the past , do check out our review of Tulipmania 2015, Tulipmania 2014

This year, the flower dome is splash with an array of colours where Tulips take the centerstage. Compared to previous years, there are lesser static displays but more tulips... in every shade and colour.

I will just let the photos do the talking from here...
Tulipmania 2016


As an amateur photographer, Tulipmania is a great place to learn and hone the photography skills. The explosion of colours in this year's edition would make great looking wallpapers. For this trip, I am using my late's father-in-law Nikon D800 with 28-70 F2.8 lens. This is the first time I am using the camera and it was a learning curve compared to my trusty OMD.

Looks like I am not the only one practising photography!

As mentioned earlier, Tulipmania is going back to its roots.

Er... ok not the roots above, but to the origins of Tulips. In case you are unaware, Tulips is from Ottoman Empire or otherwise known as Turkey today.

Tulips from Turkey ( Source : Shuttlestock)

The Turkish element is present in this year's edition of Tulipmania. Gone are the windmills as they are replaced by structures inspired by the Ottoman Empire.

The displays are a little muted compared to past year's edition and are mainly concentrated on the flower bed. It may be underwhelming at first sight , but for tulips lovers less is actually more.

Especially when the tulips take the center stage of this year's display. Here you can find numerous varieties of Tulips in all shapes and colours!

For those who missed the Sakura edition last month, you will be glad to know that there are still a few trees left that are still flowering. It is interesting seeing two different species of popular flowers in the world in the same place. Tell me where else can you catch Tulips and Sakura at the same time.

Do note that this year's display is a one way street. There is only one entry point and one exit point from the Tulip displays. We recommend to go during off peak periods if you intend to see more flowers than people.

Tulipmania will be showing at the Flower Dome from 8 Apr to 22 May. Good news , local senior citizens enjoy 50% off admission tickets during this period. We reckon this 2 weeks will be a good time to go to catch the blooms in all its glory.

Flower Dome
8 Apr - 22 May

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