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Splash @ Kidz Amaze ( SAFRA Punggol) Review

Playgrounds are aplenty in Singapore. You have your indoor gardens, outdoor playgrounds, and wet outdoor playgrounds. Finding aygreasyinutes from where you are would not be difficult for a tiny nation. However, one type of playground is still missing in our little red dot until Splash@ Kidz Amaze opens its doors.

Welcome to Singapore's first indoor Water Playground!

Main Playground

Splash is 24000 square feet 'Enchanted Deep Sea' themed water playground. It is one of the lar est indoor playgrounds in town.  There are 2 main zo s at Splash. The central play area will is the three-story structure featuring eight decks and 5 slides.

As impressive as it sounds, the slides are more accessible. Not all falls are o en to all kids. Kids below 120cm can ride on the green slip and the 2 mini blue falls at the back.

While the bigger kids can enjoy the 2 faster and taller slides. Unlike other outdoor playgrounds we experienced, this limitation in height meant that probably kids 6 and above would enjoy this main playground.

As part of the safety, crew in yellow tees are around to supervise the slides. Nonetheless, at Spla h @ Kidz Amaze, parents are encouraged to play with the kids. So adults, bring your swimwear along.

It is a must for a water playground to include a water bucket for that significant splash effect. Splash @ Kidz Amaze s no exception.

In the evening, there is a special light effect on the roof. We highly recommend o go in the evening as the ever-changing lights and background music provide a very soothing play experience.

Toddler's Zone

Toddlers are included in the equation.

There is a relatively spacious toddler area with a mix of water-spouting structures 
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Something unique about water play is that the boys found endless pleasure in 'shooting' each other with Water Guns.

Virtual Aquarium

If you had played Virtual Aquarium games on the iPad, you would be familiar with this virtual play on the way. This is he only dry play area in the Water Playground.

Speaking of dry, since this is an indoor Water Playground, it would be meant that you are kept completely sheltered from the sun or rain. So it is perfect for Si galore where the weather is too hot or too wet. However, we do not have guarantee that you will stay dry all the time...


Theme rooms

For those hosting parties, there are three theme rooms you can choose from. Have a party under the sea, swim with penguins or join the pirates at Pirates cave.  No point for guess g which rooms the boys preferred.

Sadly there are no cafes within the premises and no place for adults to sit if you do not have a room. So be prepared to either stand or join the kids in the water while you are there.

Changing Rooms 
The good news is that toilets and changing rooms are on the premises.

If you need to store your barang barang, the changing rooms have lockers of various sizes. Charges are $4 fo the medium and $6 for the large one.

Stroller Parking
For those with strollers, stroller parking is found within the park itself.

Safety precautions 

Some safety points to note while you are at the Water Playground.

No Footwear

No footwear is allowed in the Water area.


The pool area is 0.3m deep throughout the park. So leave those float at home.

Slippery Floor

Go slow around the water playground. It's rather slippery. Otherwise, you might want nd up like L with a bruise due to a slip on the wet floor. Since this is a water playground, parents should keep a ye on the child.

The park entry is for 18 months to 13 years. However, children aged 10 and below would enjoy it more than the older ones. The pool will be closed e every third Monday of the month.

Entrance Fee

Charges are as per above. Re-entry is not allowed. The Water Playground is open to the public as well. Family packages are available at an attractive rate.


Splash @ Kidz Amaze
Safra Punggol
Level 3, 9 Sentul Cres, 828654

Video Review

For a quick peek at Splash @ Kidz Amaze, check out the video above.
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We think Splash @ Kidz Amaze will be a remarkable rainy or super sunny day alternative play area for families. As Singapore's only the indoor playground, it will probably draw in huge crowds, especially during weekends. We suggest a weekday visit.

Have a splashing good time! 

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