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Mcdonald's New Singapore Menu : Don't Say Bo Jio!

Move over Samurai Burger, there is a new burger in town and it not a beefy pushover.

Mcdonald's had been introducing different variants of its menu overseas. There were past renditions in Singapore such as beef and chicken satay burger and beef rendang burger. This year, Mcdonald's had decided to release not one but 5 local versions from it's menu.  It is innovative, but does it pass the discerning local taste test?

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger
McDonald's Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger

Salted Egg Yolk chicken has been a staple at local Zi Char store. When we heard that McDonald's had created a burger version of it, our curiosity was picked. It taste great in it's original form, but how would it taste burgerised?

McDonald's version includes a whole-muscle chicken patty, salted egg yolk sauce, curry leaves and chopped lettuce on a black and white sesame bun.

The actual burger itself looks far different from it's marketing version, but you would probably know looks does not matter in a fast food restaurant especially if you want one in under 5 minutes. The burger itself had drawn mixed reviews. Some said it is equivalent to Zi Char standard while others gave it a meh.

Honestly, the standard differs from restaurant to restaurant and even burger to burger. Mine had a juicy patty but salted egg yolk sauce unevenly distributed thus creating only selected bites of delight. The missus had a go at hers and she proclaim it to be shoik!

Compared to the original chicken burger, this version is miles better. At least the chicken patty is much more juicer than the former. The best way to savour it is to eat it while it is hot!

Taste Test Result : 7.5/10 Subjective to your individual burger

Spicy Nuggets
Spicy Mcnuggets
First of all, I am not a fan of McDonald's nuggets. This is mainly due to the chicken parts used to create it. The Spicy Nuggets version is crispier, but I would be bluffing if I call it hot stuff. Dip it with the all time favourite curry sauce to bring out the true local flavour

Rating : 7/10 Not a fan, so it's never going to be a 10 . Totally bias I know.

Twist & Shake Fries with Salt & Pepper Crab flavoured Shaker
Twist & Shake Fries with Salt & Pepper Crab flavoured Shaker
The shaker fries is back with the salt & pepper crab flavoured. The twister fries are back with a twist. On it's own, the twister fries was rather dry and bland. Add the salt & pepper flavour, the taste improved. The concoction taste alot better when the regular fries were used. Regardless, it is always good to have a different way to Jiak Kantang.

Taste Test : 6/10 Too dry and there are no real crabs

Can use normal fries too.

Gula Melaka McFurry
Gula Melaka McFurry
It's not the best looker in this set, but it is one of the tastiest. This version comes with crunchy layer cake bites . It looks and taste absolutely sinful, but it is a guilty pleasure that should be indulge. Forget about the calories count, that can wait.

Taste Test : 8/10 Would have given it higher if it does not cost me 30 minutes on the treadmill

Banana Pie
Mcdonald's Banana Pie

Amongst the local menu, this would be the bomb.
The banana pie will give any Goreng Pisang a run for the money. A must try!

Don't say Bo Jio!

Taste Test : 9/10 It is that good!

The Singapore Menu would be there only for a limited time. Taste it while you still can!

#notsponsored lah, review done when we are having our 'regular' Mcdonald's meal

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