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The ulitmate family vacuum cleaner : Dyson v8 Fluffy


How to make vacuum cleaning a family activity?

The first Vacuum cleaner was created since 1860. It was one also the first cordless vacuum in history that is powered by hand. Since then, vacuum cleaners had evolved and many makers came into the market trying to gain the lion share of the market.

The Launch of Dyson V8 Fluffy
A fortnight ago, we were invited to Dyson's launch of the V8 Fluffy, the newest addition to Dyson's vacuum cleaner family. Dyson would be a familiar name to locals due to their uber cool bladeless fans technology. We had reviewed the AM 07 a few years back and were impressed with the technology and reliability. The fact that we bought an additional 2 more bladeless fans for the house proved our confidence in the product.

Given that we are fans of the brand, it was hard to resist the call to take a first look at their latest vacuum cleaner - Dyson V8 Fluffy at Trehaus.
The Dyson v8 Fluffly
We did not quite know what to expect. After all, in our mind, the vacuum cleaner is just a heavy noisy machine that sucks dirt and have a very very long wire to lug it around. Vacuuming the house is not exactly a task that was allocate to the children. Instead it is part and parcel of a routine weekend clean around the house for the adults.
Radial Cyclone technology
Instead of a bulky relic, we were greeted by a futuristic looking tool that looks too bright and cheery to be a vacuum cleaner. In fact, it looked more like a toy than a vacuum. In terms of weight, it is more than half the weight of a standard vacuum cleaner. Technology wise, the revolutionary 2 Tier Radial cyclones and whole machine filtration promised to capture fine dust and allergens such as pollens and dust mites.

After a quick intro and demonstration by the Dyson representatives, we were given hands on practice on the vacuum. The demonstration was quick and painless as it was relatively easy to learn how to operate it. Simply turn it on and zap up the dirt. Changing the different accessories provided in the package was as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click to unlock, pop in a new tool and click to lock.
1-2-3 right?
Before we start the test proper, we had to find a mess to clean up. That task was simple enough with a whole bunch of kids deciding to throw their own party.

Thankfully, instead of the adults clearing the mess, the kids decided to take over. An easy task considered they thought that they are holding the latest toy gun in their hands.
Even though they hardly pay attention to the Dyson representative due to their private party, they were using the Dyson V8 Fluffy like a pro in a matter of minutes with a few quick instructions. They had just proven The Dyson V8 Fluffly does not required a master degree to operate.
Stick Mode
They even managed to convert from a stick mode to handheld mode in seconds. Without the hassle of a cord, they cleaned up the space in a jiffy.
It was so much fun cleaning up that they decided it may be a great idea to mess up the place again. Thankfully the latest V8 Fluffy stores twice as much battery as the previous model, giving consistent powerful performance over a good 40 minutes. Enough to clean a house twice over in one charge.

As for getting rid of the waste after use, it was a simple pop in one motion. There was no need to touch the mess at all.

The Home Test

The best way to test a product is simply to use it yourself in a real life setting. Dyson had provided us a unit for this review. The following items can be found straight out from the box:
What is in the box
  • Dyson V8 Fluffy as shown in the box
  • Combi Tool : Removes dirt around the house
  • Mini Motorised Tool : Removes Pet hair and dirt
  • Crevice Tool : To fit into tight gaps
  • 2 additional tools : For various uses in the house
  • Docking and Charging station
  • Menu
Dyson Accessories
How we use the Dyson V8

Floors and carpets
The direct drive technology provides a deep clean on carpets and floors. It can pick up almost every speck of dirt and chunks of food.

Hard to reach top shelves
Admittedly, the top of cabinets and shelves are a hard place to clean. It is not uncommon to leave it unclean for ages especially when you need ladders to get to those hard to reach places. A traditional vacuum would be almost impossible to use to reach these spots. The Dyson V8 Fluffy proves to be an exception. With its cordless and lightweight features, it is not an excuse anymore not to clean the top shelves.

Beds and Sofas
 With the double speed mode at normal and max, you can easily turn it up to max at a flick of the button and use it with the right tool to clean the sofa and bed a good clean. Transform it to a handheld to clean it more effectively to get rid of the dust mites.

Soft Toys
 For those with soft toys, the Dyson V8 Fluffy doubles up as a toy cleaner. A necessity to keep toys clean for the kids.

Car Vacuum
Bring the Dyson out of the house and use it in the car.

Should I buy the Dyson V8 Fluffly?
If you are considering purchasing a unit, these are the pros and cons that may help you make a decision.  

  • Cord Free
Without cord, this effectively makes the Dyson V8 Fluffy usable in any condition. There is no worry about using power extension and you can even bring it outdoors where there is no power point,
  • Lightweight
Compared to traditional vacuums, the unit is light and easy to use.
  • Long Power
With 40 minutes of use in one charge. It would be sufficient for one cleaning session... Unless you decide to clean the 3 storey 10,000 square feet bungalow at one go.
  • No need additional dust bags
You empty the contents with one pop motion. There is no need to purchase dust bags.
  • Ease of use
Even kids can use it. That means less housework for me!

  • High initial cost
At a starting price of $999, The Dyson V8 Fluffly cost more than a traditional vacuum. However, with its multiple functions due to its cordless feature, it may be worth it as you are buying one machine for many uses. There is no additional cost such as dust bags needed to maintain its capabilities.
  • Small Bucket
The bucket is relatively small compared to a traditional vacuum. It may not be suitable if you are doing heavy duty clean-up after a party. Nonetheless it is easy to empty the contents during use.
  • Lack of accessories bag
It is great that many accessories are in the package. However, there is no bag provided to hold them.
Our verdict, this is probably the best cordless vacuum cleaner in the market right now. A versatile tool that only gets the job done, it makes everyone in the family eager to do housework #truestory.

Disclosure : Sponsored
The Wacky Duo were invited to Dyson V8 launch and was provided a unit for the purpose of this review. No monetary rewards were given and all opinions are of our own.

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