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Whale Watch Augusta @ Margaret River

The highlight of our trip to Margaret River was the Whale Watching Tour we did in Augusta. We are no strangers to Whale Watch, having been to one in Gold Coast Australia.

Whale Watch Western Australia

Initially this trip was not on our itinerary as we did NOT expect to be whale watching on our trip to Perth. However on our research for things to do in Margaret River, we stumbled on whale watching in Augusta and hey since we are in town, why not?
There are a couple of charters at Augusta with similar itineraries. We decided to take Whale Watch Western Australia . The reason... it was the biggest whale watching ship in Augusta.

We could not wait till the ship set sail and we decided to take a peek over the wave breakers. It looks like a promising trip ahead as we spotted a whale just beyond the shores.

Can you spot the whale?

It's time to sail

Unlike our previous whale watching trips, it did not take us long to spot the whales. Just 5 minutes from shore, we spotted the first pod.

Rather, we think they spotted us. During this trip, we had seen at least 20 whales swimming all around us.  This is the most whales we had encountered in one trip!

You can read about the trip at Whale Watch website

If you have not been to a whale watching trip, you probably have different expectations of whale watching. To set the record straight, it is not every time you would see so many whales in one spot. There are times when you probably just catch one or two in one location.

Whales at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Most of the time, you would just see the back of the whales swimming around . If you are lucky , you might spot a tail slap by whales.

Our tour is 2 hours long, for most parts, the above pictures are what we seen. It was almost towards the end of the tour that we spotted a whale breaching in a distance.

There are many reasons why a whale breach. Some say it is to 'talk' to other whales, others claim it is how whales impress their mates. We think the one we spotted is such a show off.

Whale Breach
He decided to put on a show and breach at least 8 times! 

We are glad he did it, else we probably would not be able to capture these amazing pictures. 

One thing to note, we noticed the smaller ships tend to get alot closer compared to us.

5 tips for  whale watching
Bring your photo / video gear : Source Whale Watch Western Australia
What do you prepare for a whale watching
This essential list may help you get ready for a memorable trip

1 Bring the right camera  / video gear
Long lens is a must as you may not get close to capture a decent shot

2 Bring along a bottle of water
Most trips are more than an hour long, so be prepared

3 Take seasick pills or eat light
The sea can be choppy, so beware. Morning trips are less rough compared to afternoon trips. 

4 Bring a sweater or wind breaker
It will be cold, we promised

5 Set your expectations low
Be prepared to see only one whale for the whole trip. If you do that, we reckon you would most likely be wowed if you encounter more than one.

Before you know it, our 2 hours was up. 
Three words sum up our tour

Best. Whalewatch. Ever.

The breaching whale seemed to know our intention and gave us a whale at the end of the trip.
Goodbye wave
If you are heading towards Augusta, we recommend you to spend a night at Margaret River. Augusta is a 30 minutes drive from Margaret River. 

While you are there, you might like to make a stop at Cape Leewin Lighthouse which is about 5 minutes away. 

Enjoy your whale watching!


  1. Very informative. Im very impressed by the details you have shared, including photos. It has been enlightening for us as we will be travelling end of this month to early june. Txs again.

    1. Have fun Whale Watching!

    2. I will be going to Perth end May to early June too. haha.

  2. hi,
    Did you book the whale tour before going?

  3. Hi, may I know if you booked the VIP Captain Lounge or non-VIP Captain Lounge tour? The difference in cost for our family is double so we are trying to decide if it is worth going for the VIP Captain Lounge tour or just the normal will do? Thanks!

    1. Non ViP. Personally I do not think the VIP makes a difference. You are seated higher with the Captain but the action are better watched from the deck :)

  4. hi.. may i know did you guys take the normal whale watch tour or vip lounge whale watch tour? as i am bringing my infant who is only 1.5 years old, wondering is there indoor seating for my little one

    1. The normal one. There is indoor seating for Non VIP as well


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