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Top 10 Essential Household items for Emergency

 What are the items you absolutely need in the house for emergencies?

Yes we know, there are 24 hours shops in Singapore. You can easily pop into your neighbourhood  7 Eleven should you need any items. Nonetheless, it is good to have the following items available in the household for those pesky moments when you need them IMMEDIATELY.

1 First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit ( Source : Shutterstock
Every household should have one. First Aid Kit should be more than just panadols and elastic plasters. You should include items such as antiseptic solutions for cuts and burns, antiseptic wipes, calamine lotion, alcohol wipes, thermometer and scissors.

2 Batteries and battery operated equipment

 Batteries are a must in the household in case of blackouts. Use them for torchlights and radio

3 Candles / Lighters
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An alternative to batteries would be candles . If you have candles, you need lighters to light them... duh.

4 Mosquito Repellent

With the prevalence of dengue fever in Singapore, mosquito repellents are in must in every household. Mosquito repellent comes in many forms from sprays to scents. There are also mosquito bands you can wear that would repel mosquitoes 24/7 . Regardless of the one you choose, you should get at least one of them for the household.

The other alternative would be to shut all windows. One solution that  might not work for the long-term.

5 Fire Extinguisher

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A fire extinguisher would not only save your house from burning down but also could be the one that will save your life. Forget about the bulky and heavy extinguisher. Get the portable Mr. Fire X that would do the job for small fires. Mr. Fire X is a revolutionary foam based extinguisher designed to eliminate all domestic fires.

It eliminates Class A, B, F and electrical fires.  It expands up to 30 times its size with 8-10 litres of foam. Portable and light, anyone can use this life-saving tool. It's simple to use too, just open the cap, shake and shoot.

Class A: Solids (example - paper, wood, plastics, etc...)
Class B: Hydrocarbons and Alcohols (example - gasoline, kerosene, etc...)
Class F: Oils (example - any cooking oil)
Electrical: Overloaded sockets, plugs and electrical appliances

Not convinced?

See the demonstration below

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6 Well stock Food supply

Get yourself ready at all times. It is well known that locals have a penchant for food especially in odd hours of the day. Have a cabinet of dry and can food does come in handy in situations likes this.

7 Bottled Water
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Have a carton or two on standby. You might not be able to boil water if the gas runs out. When the water pipes are contaminated, you would be thankful for that carton of water.

8 Toolbox

There is always something you have to mend at home. From a loose screw to fixing furniture, you need more than your bare hands to solve the issue. A tool box would come in handy in these situations.

9 Cash
You need to have to keep a stash of cash in your home. That does not mean to skip the bank and put your money under the mattress. However, you do need the odd buck or two for meals around the neighbourhood or even pizza delivery.

10 Phone Numbers
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Last but not least, keep a handy list of phone numbers ready. These would include police, ambulance, fire station and your kin or friend that lives near you. You never know when you might need them. Better still, put them on speed dial on the phone.

Here is a list of good to know numbers
  • Police : 999
  • Ambulance and Fire : 995
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance : 1777 

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