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Happy Birthday Singapore

This year National Day will be a little muted for us. Compared to previous years, there was no fireworks chasing, no parade previews , no actual day celebration on Marina Bay Float. After the inclusive SG50 celebrations that we can enjoy even without a ticket, this year NDP seemed to be localised at the National Stadium.

There will be no appearance of fan favorites such as  Red Lions and Flypast. For those without tickets,  only Fireworks at 815 pm provides a hint  of what is happening within the National Stadium. Unlike last year, where up to 300,000 people enjoying the celebration, this year audience would be significantly lower, Even though the brand new stadium has a capacity of 55000 , it will not be able to accommodate every Singaporeans who wants to be part of the celebration and were luckless in National Day tickets ballot. 

It is a shame given the highs the nation felt during SG50

We may not be at the stadium tonight, but we will be glued to the TV tonight. Nonetheless, we had wished we had the chance to blow the candles out with you tonight... maybe next year.

Happy Birthday Singapore.

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