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Tips for buying from Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the world's largest for creative projects. You can find innovative projects at a decent price there.

However, I was a sceptic. I had heard stories that projects from Kickstarter would never come to fruition. However the more I explore Kickstarter , the more items caught my eye.

I had backed 6 projects to date. In Kickstarter terms, I am considered a novice.  Nonetheless, research was done before I back a project. Here are some tips when you are considering backing a project on Kickstarter.

1 Get an account
Before you can back a project, do get an account ready. In fact, I would suggest you create 2 accounts in case you encountered projects with multiple offerings. In most projects, you can only back 1 time per account, so if you like a project and want more than 1 item, you need additional accounts.

2 Choose reputable creators
Creators are the people who create a project. Choose those that have experienced in Kickstarter. Check our their past projects and look for positive comments post project close. Those with good track records will be more reliable than those without.
LIV Watch
Recently I had backed a watch from LIV. The watch is considered high quality for the price it was offered. There was some delay in the delivery date ( usually you would expect a month or 2 delays), but the creator had been updating the backers regularly. They had launched a watch before and it was fulfilled eventually. This time round, they deliver too.

3 Back Early for a great deal
Look out for early bird deals. Get on the creator's mailing list or you can check Kickstarter using the discover button. Next, click on your desired categories and newest items to be the first to spot a deal. Most of my purchase are early bird deals. In some instance, I saved as much as $150 on the deal.

 4 Popular items on Kickstarter
Dwiss Swiss made watch
Some of the best deals I find are gadgets, watches and bags. Given that Kickstarter is the place for creators to market their new designs, you may find a project that is worth the while to back.

The projects I am backing now is a watch from DWISS and camera bags from PEAK DESIGN 
Both projects offered a different preposition not found in today's market and therein lies the charm of crowdfunding.
Peak Design Camera Bag
5 You can change or cancel your pledge before the project ends.
If you see something you like, I would suggest to back first and think about it later. That way you could secure the best price for the project. If you miss your early deals, do not fret, there will be times when someone decided to drop out of the project. Do keep your eyes peel for a good deal.

In the event you decide the deal is not for you, you can always cancel your pledge before the fund raising ends.

6 Fill up the survey after the project closed
In order for the project to be delivered to you, the creator will send you an email to complete the survey. The survey will be used to collect your delivery address and other additional details such as add on.

There you go, you are now an official backer.

Happy Kickstarting!

PS Kickstarter is going to launch a Singapore platform. I guess that means no more shipping fees for local projects!


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