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A week in the shoes of a Daddy blogger with the ASUS Zenbook Flip

How does a week go for a Daddy Blogger? 

Being one for nearly a decade, let me give you an insight into a typical week in my life. Of course, since Mom is working too, my trusty companion for most of the week would be the gorgeous ASUS ZenBook Flip

As a Daddy Blogger, using the computer is essential in content creation. The easiest part of writing a post would be the experiences we shared as a family during weekends and holidays. The hardest part pounding the keyboards to visualise it on the blog. The ASUS ZenBook Flip, with its full-size ergonomic keyboard, accompanies my blogging journey and is necessary for the final output.  
Weekday Commute

Like a typical dad, I am working full time ... and it is not blogging. Blogging is but a hobby that I like to indulge in. It is therapeutic and my way to relieve stress. Being a Daddy, time is limited daily. Besides work, I would spend time with the kids in the evening, juggling schoolwork and playtime. 

With the lightweight ASUS ZenBook flip, I could bring it to work and do some writing or editing during the commute.

On rare occasions, when time permits for a more extended lunch break, I would stroll somewhere quiet and pen my thoughts. Truth is, there are better ways to write.  But it does help to save those precious minutes for the family when I am home.

ASUS ZenBook Flip Singapore
After the routine daily grind, the weekend beckons...

When the weekend comes, opportunities arise to take time off from Daddyhood. Weekend mornings are the best time to enjoy a  cuppa with the missus while I wait for the boys to end their enrichment classes. Forget about fancy cafes. For us, toast and eggs with hot coffee will do just fine.

If time permits, I may bring the ZenBook along to edit some photos or squeeze in some writing for a  post during this kopi break. Breakfast and blogging are luxury breaks for this Daddy on weekends. 

Occasionally, I indulge in relaxing activities such as improving my blog or surfing the web. With the ASUS Zenbook Flip in tent mode, it is easy for us. Hands-free, I could indulge in my hearty breakfast while catching up on the latest news.

I love photography.

With a blog, I can incorporate what I see through the camera with the post I write. With ASUS Zenbook Flip on hand, uploading photos is a breeze. With Lightroom, I could quickly edit the photos at my convenience. The vibrant QHD IPS screen is accessible to the eye and makes the photos pop. The processor might not handle a beast like photoshop, but Lightroom edits are a breeze as it has 8 GB Ram and the latest Intel Core M processor.

The break from work comes when it is time to make memories for a lifetime. As a family, we had many of them. Thanks to occasional invitations, there are new experiences to occupy us periodically. On days when we are free, we choose to create our own memories. The weekend is always spent with family. This is the time when we can bond as one. After all, all work and no play make The Wacky Duo bored and listless. Now that is something a Dad would try to avoid as we all know how restless kids would often react to boredom... cue Havoc.

A 'typical' weekend would be spent doing a family-inclusive activity, provided all schoolwork is completed on time. This means no cafe hopping, no pubs and shopping. To compensate, the family gets to enjoy week after week of diverse fun in Singapore and beyond. No complaints here as I want the company I am with. 

Family time

Being a Daddy, I learn to share my 'toys'. It does not matter if it is LEGO or ASUS ZenBook Flip; the boys would love to dip their hands into them. Sometimes I would express my frustrations, but after years of practice as a dad, I learned it is more peaceful fun to share with the boys than to keep things to myself.

The kids take over the laptop during activities on hold due to school assignments or preparation for exams. The ASUS ZenBook Flip is more than capable, given its high-speed internet connectivity when schoolwork beckons. There is ample juice within to power up a PowerPoint presentation or extensive research on the net/


Other times, it serves as an entertainment outlet for them. As a dad, I believe in balance. It's not about work all the time. Sometimes you just need to ASUS and CHILL.

There you go, the week in the life of a Daddy Blogger. It may not be as glamorous as expected, but it was fun wearing the different hats for the week.  There is probably not much difference between non-blogger dads and me.  We are similar in wanting the best for our families and using our own ways to express that. However, the blog serves as a vault to store the many memories created with the family. I Am glad I have the Asus ZenBook Flip to assist in banking in these memories.

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Disclosure: Sponsored
The Wacky Duo was provided with a unit for this review.  o monetary rewards were given for this post, and all opinions are our own.

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