Haven on Earth : The Haven Resort Hotel and Residence @ Ipoh

One Two Three - Think of a weekend getaway from Singapore.

Penang, Bangkok, Phuket, Bintan are usually the main destinations to pop in most locals minds. Ipoh has been under the radar till now...that is until it was awarded by Lonely Planet as one of the top ten destinations to visit in Asia. With an accolade, it is hard to resist an invitation by the multi-award-winning The Haven Resort Hotel and Residence ( The Haven) to immerse in the old world's charm and limestone landscape of Ipoh.

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Step into the Haven

The Haven Resort Hotel and Residence is located in  Persiaran Lembah Perpaduan, Taman Lembah Perpaduan Permai, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Set on the edge of a virgin forest, once you take a step inside The Haven and you will immediately be in awe of the lush surrounding. The site is on a prehistoric site dating over 280 million years old with limestone cliffs as its view.

A scene resembling an untouched oasis, you would feel a peaceful aura within its midst once you step through the building and into Haven.

It is hard to pinpoint a singular charm to The Haven, So here are 7  heavenly reasons why The Haven is the place to stay when you are visiting Ipoh.

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1 Rockhaven

A sight that you will never forget from the resort is the imposing RockHaven that raises from the lake. This iconic 14-story high limestone outcrop greets you from every angle within the resort. Looking both stunning in the day and magnificent in the night, this 280 million years old formation is the main centrepiece of the resort.

It is already amazing to see such wonderful creation of nature. To have one at your doorstep is simply a WOW. If you look hard enough, you might even find a prehistoric T Rex guarding the Rockhaven.

2 Facilities for the family
Swimming Pool

Set in the ancient premises of the resort are modern amenities that cater for families. From the balcony, a 60-metre seahorse-shaped swimming pool greets you and beckons you to visit. With the boys' approval, we headed down to the pool as soon as we settled.

The 5 level infinity pool comprises a jacuzzi, leisure pool, lap pool, children’s pool and wading pool. With the different kinds of combinations, this pool is purposely built for everyone in the family.

No points for guessing the favourite part of the pool was for kids... especially when it comes with a water slide.

With the amazing view from the pool, it is hard not to kick back and admire the view.


If you could pry the kids from the pool, there is a playground for them to explore too.

600-meter track

This is no ordinary track, set in the flourishing greenery, even kids would be enticed to go for a jog.
Flora and Fauna

Coming from the city, where metallic skyscrapers and paved streets line the scenery, being on the edge of a forest is therapeutic for city dwellers.

Do greet the resident T Rex while you are there.

If you are nice, it might even join you for a swim in the pool.

For those sports fanatics, head to the gym at the clubhouse. If you play table tennis, badminton and squash, you will be glad to know that these are found in the clubhouse too. Do remember to bring your footwear along if you intend to play the ball games.

3 Home away from home

Staying in The Haven is great for families. Do NOT expect a small hotel room, you are not getting that. Instead, indulge in a generous size unit that would be your home away from home.

Our residence is a 2+1 bedroom Lakeview suite comes with a living room, dining room, balcony, kitchenette and 3 bedrooms that sleep 5 comfortably.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3


We love the big rooms in The Haven. If you love space to roam around in your apartment, The Haven Resort is the place to stay when you are in Ipoh. There are rooms of various sizes to cater to different family sizes. Choose from 1 Bedroom to 3+1 Bedroom combinations for larger families.

You can view the different accommodations here.

When you wake up in the morning, a rare geological feature known as kasrt hills greets you from your balcony.

Look down and you would see how the impressive seahorse swimming pool integrates with the natural lake and Rock Haven.

The views are heavenly from every angle in the resort. Be it day or night, you will feel a sense of tranquillity in the resort.

Take a walk around the 600-meter track. The view of the resort from the other side of the lake is breathtaking.

It's glorious views everywhere, even from the lift lobby!
View from the Lift Lobby

5 Wonderful dining experiences

There is only 1 restaurant at the resort. The Cuisines is opened only for hotel guests and residents.

Located at the clubhouse, it has an indoor and outdoor eating place.

Buffet breakfast is available at the resort with different menus on alternate days.

Breakfast buffets consist of both local and western fare. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs  and omelettes are on the menu too.

Grab the dessert too. It's delicious!

For lunch and buffet, the restaurant serves both local and western food. It may be only resturant on the premises but it serves up delicious treats such as Ipoh chicken rice, fried kway teow and nasi lemak.

Local Food
Ipoh Chicken Rice

Char Kway Teow

Nasi Lemak
Western Fare

The western fares are just delicious, We recommend the succulent lamb and the tender beef.
Lamp Chops

Beef Medallion

Save your stomach for desserts to wrap up a delicious meal. If you are heading there over the weekend, there are more than enough dishes on the menu to whet your appetite.

Occasionally, there is an entertainment program at the Cuisine. While we were there, we were serenaded by a band while we eat. What a great way to chill!

6  Location
The Haven is a perfect location if you are staying in Ipoh. Nestled away from the city, its location in a prehistoric site is great for destressing and unwinding for nature lovers. Located about 20 minutes from the city and the airport, everywhere is easily accessible and a short drive away.

Here are a couple more reasons why The Haven is set in a perfect spot for a holiday.

5 minutes from the lost world of Tambun

It's only 5 minutes from the Lost World of Tambun. The perfect outing spot for families.

Near to Temple Caves

Ipoh is the 'capital' of temple caves in Malaysia ( at least from our experiences). With many cave temples near the vicinity of The Haven, exploring them would be a breeze from The Haven.

Close to Pomelo Farms

Feeling hungry?
Head to one of the Pomelo Farms to have a taste of Ipoh famous produce.

20 minutes from Ipoh Old Town

If you have not been to Ipoh, a visit to Ipoh Old Town is a must. It is just 20 minutes away from The Haven!

If you are planning a city tour, speak to the front desk at The Haven and they might be able to plan something for you. Want to see more of Ipoh?

This video guide to activities for Ipoh for kids should help.

7 Great hospitality
Last but not least is the great hospitality we experience at the resort. From the friendly staff that greets you at the front desk, the cheerful crew at the restaurant, the experiences tour 'guide' / driver and even the charming General Manager, Jimmy, it was a delight to feel so warm and welcoming at the resort.

This was one of the best hospitality we had experienced in a resort stay and we are felt truly blessed for this encounter with the staff from The Haven. We loved it so much that we even made a video to remember our time at The Haven.

Our rating:  5 Stars!

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edez said...

I need to win this because we have been in the desert and what our hearts and minds' needed the most is the tranquil place of Haven! breath in, breath out!

Vincent said...

HAVEN (Heaven) is a word that sound so far away, i have a super cute little bundle of joy so i should be in heaven but live is so stressful after becoming a daddy. I don't regret it but i miss my sleep, i miss my beer, i miss my days of being wild. This is a trip for 5, so i can bring my parents with me so they can help to take care of baby then me and my wife can enjoy HAVEN for 3 days 2 nights

Gillian Sg said...

I deserve to win cos it's my daughter birthday in November and I love to bring my precious princess to have a great time celebrating her 5th birthday, having fun, relax, eat and play all that she wants. A staycation like this, is really perfect for my family of 3, probably I can bring my parents along too. Looking forward to visit the stunning The Haven

Adeline Tan hx said...

I deserve to win as Haven is so Heavenly. Oct is my 8th year wedding anniversary and this will be a great surprise for us to relax ourselves. There's so much to do and eat at Ipoh and at The Haven. Admiring the scenery, having a swim, outdoor activities, playground for the kids, etc. We will definately have a great time. It will be memorable and hope to be the lucky one to enjoy this awesome stayacation.

Unknown said...

As a stay at home mother, my husband is responsible for bringing the bacon home to the family which includes our two children and also my mother in law.

Despite one income gone, my husband works very hard to give our family a comfortable lifestyle. In addition,  he helps me with the household chores, coaches the children in their studies and spends whatever time he as with the family. He gave up his only hobby (golfing) as he told me golfing took up a considerble amount of time and he rather spend his time with the family.

He looks like a punctured tyre at the end of each day and my heart cannot help but cry when i see how tired he was. The fact that he did not utter a word of complaint made us appreciate him even more. He is a good husband, caring father and a filial son.

I wish to win and reward my dearest hubby for his helpful and understanding and also taking care this family totaly. Really appreciated.
Email: Sandra.wee@live.com.sg
Facebook: Sandra Wee

Grace Lee said...

I deserve a stay at The Haven because I wanna have a fantastic time and create special memories with my hubby and children in celebration of our 15th marriage anniversary.


Chay Hwai said...

We have been working really hard & stress with our work & studies, wish so much to pamper ourselves with a much needed vacation to destress, relax, recharge, have fun & create new unforgettable memories. The haven looks really awesome, hope to have a great time down there.

preciouz said...

Its a home away from home. My hometown is in Ipoh in fact my parent's home is 20 min drive from The Haven. I bring my kids back to my roots at every year end to visit my parents, I bring my parents for a mini vacay near Ipoh during my same home trip back and I will be back in December. I hope to do something different by bring my parents for a "staycation" in Ipoh and my kids a home away from home. And The Haven being just a stone throw away from Lost World of Tambun, we are definitely paying this theme park a visit.When i was growing up in Ipoh, I have zero appreciation of limestone caves , but now that i am in Singapore for half of my life, I truly appreciate the natural beauty of Ipoh surrounded by the limestone caves , and for The Haven, at its doorstep. Hope to give a treat for my parents and their grandkids this year end! thanks for this blog on Ipoh, bringing back memories and more!
Jaime Chan

Anonymous said...

I deserve to win because this October is our Wedding Anniversary turn 15. For past years we always celebrate at restaurant but this year I wish to have the most memorable memory celebrating add to my album. Really hope to win The Haven Resort Hotel and Residences staycation giveaway for my family. Here is paradise, get away from the noise of the city, to enjoy life! Nice for family bonding Holiday! Natural scenery and breath-taking beauty of transparent swimming pools surrounded by great costume drama feel and the rockhaven similar like movie avatar, amazing!

Name: Alex Lee Kang Leng

Unknown said...

I deserve to win because my wife is from Ipoh and i want this year can special celebrate we are wedding anniversary cum wife coming birthday together. Every years we go back my wife hometown just stay in my mother in law house,hope this year can surprise my wife and three kids bring them to 'HAVEN 'enjoy.and Experience IPOH different atmosphere!Hope dream come true!

Unknown said...

my Email Address:foongkokwah@gmail.com

Agnes Loh said...

I deserve to win as our family needs a vacation that can rejuvenate ourselves without breaking the bank.

Where can you find a 60-metre seahorse-shaped swimming pool design? The Haven's infinity swimming pool, consisting of a jacuzzi, leisure pool, lap pool, children’s pool and wading pool, & most importantly it lies alongside the natural lake to give us the most panoramic view of Mother Nature.

No budget to go Halong Bay? The magnificent 280 million years old RockHaven's beauty is breathtaking enough & close enough to reach by land.

No budget to go Universal Studio Hollywood Jurassic Park? We can still bring the kids to The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park to catch a glimpse of the dinosaurs or just take a welfie with the resident T-Rex that guards RockHaven.

How about entertainment for our beloved grandparents? The nearby temple caves & pomelo farm will sure make them smile.

Ipoh local food fare is also a must try for the foodie husband.

This 3 Days 2 Nights stay in a Lakeview 2+1 Bedroom Suite with breakfast for 5 at The Haven will really be a treat for our family young & old as there are just too many things to look forward to.

Ah gong, ah Ma, ah Pa, ah Ma & Ah B will be so delighted if we can be the lucky family fan of The Wacky Duo!

Name: Agnes Loh
Email: Agnes_loh_tt@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

My entire family of 6 really deserve to win this long overdue staycation at The Haven Resort Hotel & Residence. All of us need to relax, refresh and recharge our aching bodies and stressful minds ���� from all the hectic daily routine of work, household chores, studies and exams. It's time that we throw down everything behind in Singapore and head straight to Ipoh ��. My wife and kids �� have been bugging me for a long time already and this is the best opportunity for me to fulfill their wishes.

Reasons for wanting this staycation badly:
* Staying in ultimate comfort in the newest 2+1 bedroom lakeview suite with a kitchenette and balcony.��
* Savouring a romantic dinner at Cuisines ���� with our loved ones while enjoying local classics like Ipoh chicken rice, hor fun, char kway teow etc. So blissful ��....
* With The Haven's top notch facilities like the clubhouse, 5-level infinity swimming pool �� and kids water slide, one can be assured of endless aqua adventures ��.
* My kids love being in the outdoors and nature, so the Rockhaven, 600 metres nature trail �� will keep them entertained as they roam about the insects ��, flora �� and fauna ��.
* The Haven is Top on my bucket list ��. It would be awesome if The Haven Resorts Hotel & Residence is able to sponsor our trip for our upcoming 17th wedding anniversary. ��
* I will upload all our staycation photos at The Haven and share them via Facebook and Instagram to show how much fun our entire family had.����

HAVEN or Haven't
It's time to remove the 'T' and make it happen
HAVEN knows or Heaven knows
I think I know

So @TheHavenResorts, have I written enough to win this wonderful staycation ��? Can't wait to pack our luggage and drive up north to Ipoh soon enough. ����


Name: Alvin SP Koe
Email: tower76sg@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

HAVEN means Home Away View Exhilarates Nature!
Heavenly stay, pure bliss!
Janice N

blessedone said...

I really hope to win this for my family especially [H]ubby and the boys for them to have fun and relax. The hubs has been working hard to support the family and it has not been easy for him this few years. This will be a nice rew[A]rd for the man of the house.

The last we went Ipoh was before the 2 boys came along and this will be their [V]ery first maiden trip to Ipoh which also has caves for us to [E]xplore. Love the fact that th3 kids can explore Nature so easily :)

If only I win this then it will be a Super timely birthday prese[N]t for myself.

Anonymous said...

As a stay at home mother, my husband is responsible for bringing the bacon home to the family which includes our two children and also my mother in law.

Despite one income gone, my husband works very hard to give our family a comfortable lifestyle. In addition,  he helps me with the household chores, coaches the children in their studies and spends whatever time he as with the family. He gave up his only hobby (golfing) as he told me golfing took up a considerble amount of time and he rather spend his time with the family.

He looks like a punctured tyre at the end of each day and my heart cannot help but cry when i see how tired he was. The fact that he did not utter a word of complaint made us appreciate him even more. He is a good husband, caring father and a filial son.

Hope to win and reward my hubby Edmund Joseph Tan for his hard work.

Facebook: Sandra Wee
Email: Sandra.wee@live.com.sg

Unknown said...

I want to win this awesome & relaxing vacation for my anniversary with my love Darren Kwan. A great "getaway" from all the stressful , fast-pacing society. We love to have a romantic moments together & experience the beautiful - The Haven! 💑

Email: c_ang@ymail.com

Done Liked & Shared. ❤

#TheWackyDuo #TheHaven