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A Sparkling Christmas @ Hong Kong Disneyland

The Wacky Duo

Hong Kong Disneyland was our first Disneyland we explored back in 2009. 

Since then we had been shuttling between Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, Our last visit to HK Disneyland was back in 2014. After a hiatus of 2 years, we are back to celebrate 'A Sparkling Christmas' at HK Disneyland.

Disneyland HK Christmas Deco
Billed as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland has always been our favourite theme park. Over the past 9 years since The Wacky Duo comes into existence, we had been to Disneyland for a whopping 8 times. With the additional Christmas activities during this festive season, a visit to HK Disneyland was an obvious choice for us during our holidays to HongKong. Afterall, Disneyland all deck out in festive cheer would bring a big smile to any kids ( and adults).

Holiday Character Greetings
Disneyland Hong Kong Christmas Micky and Minnie
The first natural stop for us would be the Main Street, USA. Greeting us early in the morning are Mickey Mouse and his gang all decked out in fine Christmas RED.  If you want a photo with them, our advice is to go early in the morning when the park opens. Be among the first in queue to skip the waiting lines for a photo opportunity.

Make a Holiday Wish with Santa Goofy

Meet Santa Goofy
Every year, a Disney character would take a turn to be Santa for the festive season. For this year, Goofy will take the mantle.
Santa Goofy goofing around
To interact with Santa Goofy, look for him at the Santa Goofy Post Office. When we met him, we were wearing Mickey printed shirts. As a result, we got punished with a little dance. Santa Goofy is well... kind of Goofy... but we love it!

That said, do not be fooled by the line. sometimes photo taking session is more than a simple, pose, cheese and snap.You might end up waiting a while longer than expected, nonetheless, it is worth the wait!

Write a letter to Santa

After the photo taking session, write a postcard to someone you care. We did it, but we are not sure if it will arrive. Still sending it at Santa Goofy holiday mailbox, just in case it works.

Santa Goofy Holiday Mailbox
Holiday Wish Moment on Main Street

Other than character greetings, look out for special activities such as Donald and Pluto Special Duet and leading the Disneyland Band with Mickey.

The Main Street, USA is all decked out with Christmas Deco. Perfect to soak up the Christmas Spirit.

Snap, snap, snap. Remember to take your photos along to take those beautiful pictures!

Main Street, USA looks as gorgeous in the night as in the day. With the festive lights brightening up the night, it is a beautiful sight. Do stay for the night Christmas light up!
Main Street USA, Hongkong Disneyland

 A Magical Twilight Snowfall

Let it snow, let it snow!

A winter Christmas is never complete without snow. See the Main Street cover with snow at Disneyland. With a cool weather in December in HK, you would be forgiven if you think you are in Swiss Alps.

A 'Holiday Wish Come True' Tree Lighting Ceremony

" I'm dreaming of a white Christmas " croons the quartet of singers ushering the Christmas Lightup ceremony. It's a short ceremony but it does have fireworks!

Christmas Gifts

Baymax Disney

Another good reason to visit Disneyland during Christmas is to get the special Christmas edition toys.  For us, we particularly look forward to the festive Disneyland popcorn buckets. This year , the popcorn bucket to get would be Santa Mickey. At about SGD 25 per bucket, it would make a unique Christmas gift.

Except we would not be gifting it away but adding it to our 7 existing Disney popcorn buckets. Wacky huh?

Disneyland popcorn buckets

Can you beat our collection?

Other Must do activities

Jedi Training
Jedi Training HK Disneyland
Other than the special Disney themes , we did some other activities in Disneyland. Being veterans of Disneyland, we would say it is impossible to cover ALL activities in one day. As such , after 8 visits, we can still find NEW things to do at Disneyland HK.
Disneyland HK Trials of the Temple

First up is the JEDI Training : Trials of the temple. The boys get to don their Jedi apprentice Gear and take down Darth Vader and his evil band of Sith Lords. If you have not done it before, do have a good at it. It is not everyday where you get to have a one on one combat with Darth Vader.

Do register early to get your slots as there are a limited number of slots per session.

Battle with Darth Vader

Flights of Fantasy Parade

If you are a Disney Newbie, other than the rides, the parades are a must watch. Here you would catch your favourite Disney characters moving to the infectious beat. Be there early to grab a good view.

Stark Expo Shop
Expo Shop Disneyland HK
When Disney bought over Marvel back in 2009, there were anticipations of a separate Marvel Park equivalent to Disneyland. Today, instead of a separate park, Marvel, together with Star Wars has a place in Disneyland alongside Mickey and Friends. We think this strategy is much better in the long run as it would mean multiples of fun when these popular brands combine.
Ironman merchandise
Stark Expo shop makes its debut in Disneyland . Besides selling Ironman memorabilia, you can also find goodies from the other avengers.
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The best part, Iron Man Experience , a brand new ride would make its debut this month.

Too bad it was not opened when we were back, but we will be back for it in the future!

Disney 'Paint the Night' NightTime Spectacular
Disney Paint the Night
Disney Paint the Night Nighttime spectacular was another NEW experience for us. The Disney parade is as spectacular if not more impressive than the day time parade.

Don't miss it!

Disney in the stars Fireworks
Disneyland HK Fireworks
To end the day, we caught the spectacular 'Disney in the Stars' Fireworks. In our humble opinion, the fireworks are more impressive than Disneyland Tokyo, especially with the projections on the castle during the fireworks.

Disneyland Play and Dine Combo
If you would love to visit Disneyland after reading this or am already planning a trip to HK. Do get the Play and Dine Ticket where you would receive one combo meal for every tickets purchase. It makes it a great deal with your visit to Disneyland. Offer valid till 22 Jan 2017

Have a sparkling good time in  Disneyland HK!

*Sparkling Christmas will be held until 2 Jan 2017

Christmas @ Disneyland

Disclosure :Media Invite
TWD were invited to spend a day in Disneyland

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