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Loosen the knots with Foam Rollers from PRIMERO Fitness

Do you run regularly or do aerobic exercises?

Do you feel your muscles all tie up in a knot after an exercise routine?

Foam rollers may be the key to loosen up the muscle knot.

Fascianator II

After starting an exercise routine 3 months back where I would run 2 to 3 times a week, I find my calves muscles giving way during jogs and calling out for a deep massage. In between the runs, I had gone for leg massages. It does soothe the muscles for another run or two but the pain always comes back.

MyoTrigger Fascianator II
There are times I just wanted to give my legs a break. Each step is laden with pain. Sometimes I think I should just revert to my couch potato mode and stop the ache. Going for leg massages is not a long term solution, unless I want that hole in my pocket to get bigger with each runs. Thus when PRIMERO Fitness offer a set of Foam Rollers to try, I was willing to give it a go after reading about Foam Rollers benefits.

For the uninitiated ( like me ), foam rolling is an extremely effective self myofascial release while soothingly messaging your body. You basically use your own body weight and the roller to stretch and massage various parts of the body. The health benefits are noteworthy including improving blood circulation, eradicating muscle knots, smoothing out the fat deposit and more.

No Pain, No Gain
I use the Fascianator II , the hardest foam roller in the market for my pre-workout warm out and post workout cool down routine. The high density spiked black EVA form is designed for pro athletics. Using the recommended exercises, I was able to feel my calves loosening and ready for a new run. That said, it is great to be more self reliant on recovery. With control, I can finally focus on getting into shape and start reshaping the Dad Bod.

The Foam roller is also great for daily use, especially for office workers who are seated for most of the time.  A simple stretching exercise on the roller can help you relief muscle aches after prolonged sitting in front of a computer.
The Bad Bruiser

Foam Rollers  comes in different sizes and density. For beginners who find the spiky variant a little too intimidating, you can opt for the beginner version, the Paperclip or the Centenarian.
Foam Rollers from PRIMERO Fitness

The Paperclip is made of solid EVA foam. Other than massage applications, you can also do various exercises on the foam roller itself.

The missus is currently into her own fitness regime through Yoga. Other than using the foam roller to prep the muscles for stretching , it is also useful to use it for variation of pushups and planking.
Core Exercise on the Foam Roller
 In a nutshell , you probably can use the foam rollers for a full body workout. It might look like an innocent foam , but the benefits it provides are limitless.
Add another level for the planks

You can get your Foam Rollers from PRIMERO Fitness. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for dad, you could even get dumbbells, exercise mats and barbells to kickstart the fitness regime. There is a special discount for selected sets for the festive season.

Disclosure : Sponsored
Thewackyduo was provided a set of foam rollers for review. No monetary reward was given and all opinions are of our own.

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