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Best Place to watch New Year Eve Fire Works : Countdown 2017

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One more week to new year eve. Since New Year Eve is on a Saturday and you have a long weekend thereafter, it is the perfect excuse to head to Marina Bay to watch the New Year Eve Fireworks.

Guess where is the best place to catch the Fireworks in Singapore?

Here are 8 options to consider if you intend to catch the Fireworks Live. This year's Fireworks display will be 8 Minutes long and will start at 2359 Dec 31st 2016!

Look out for the final facade show at Fullerton Hotel from 1154pm.

1 One Fullerton, Merlion Park, Jubilee Bridge

The best spot to watch the fireworks will be from One Fullerton, Merlion Park or Jubilee Bridge. You will have the best seats in the house. The Fireworks is literally just in front of you.

Access Tip
Take MRT from Raffles Place Park at One Fullerton, Fullerton Hotel or offices along Battery Road.

2 Esplanade

Next place to be would be at the Esplanade . You will probably see the fireworks at an angle, but it is just as spectacular. Check out our views from the Esplanade during our stint as Singapore Countdown 2013 official blogger.

Access Tip
  • Best by MRT (City Hall or Esplanade)
  • Roads around the Esplanade will be close during this event.
3 The Float @ Marina Bay

If you are lucky enough to get tickets to the New Year Eve Countdown party at the Float (Celebrate 2016), it is one of the best place to catch the fireworks. You have your own seat, get to watch a concert and see Singapore famous skyline as your backdrop for fireworks.

Access Tip
  • Best by MRT (City Hall or Esplanade)
  • Roads around the Esplanade will be close during this event.

4 Promontory / The Lawn @ Marina Bay

A little further away will be at the Promontory or the Lawn@ Marina Bay. You will still see all the action from this angle. If you are on a higher ground (eg Marina Bay Financial Center) , you would probably have the best view to see ALL the fireworks around Marina Bay and Padang vicinity.We reckon Level 33 is a great spot to hang out during the fireworks if you do not have office access to MBFC.

If you are watching from the ground, the Lawn is the BEST spot to soak in the atmosphere

Access Tip
  • Downtown MRT , Marina Bay MRT, Raffles MRT
  • Park at MBFC, MBFC Link Mall, The Sail
5 Gardens By the Bay / Marina Barrage
Gardens by the Bay
Have a picnic at Gardens By the Bay or Marina Barrage while enjoying the Fireworks.The fireworks may not be as spectacular but you can still spot it depending on your views from the Garden.

Access Tip
  • Bayfront MRT
  • Direct Parking at Gardens By the bay
6 Gardens By the Bay East
Fireworks From Gardens By the Bay
Stay away from the bustling crowds and have a picnic at the Gardens. Here you can capture the skylin of Singapore in its glory. Do be there early as parking is limited and you might end up getting trap in a jam rather than seeing the actual fireworks!

Access Tip
  • Direct Parking at Gardens By the Bay East
  • Cycle from East Coast Park

 7 Hotels around the Bay


Book a hotel around in the bay to soak in the atmosphere. Hotels with views include MBS, Fullerton Hotel, One Fullerton, Ritz Carlton, Marina Mandarin.

8 View from HDB flats around Singapore

If you really want to avoid crowds, look for HDB flats that have a view of the Fireworks. We reckon the HDB flats along Beach Road and Old Airport Road can give you a vantage point. You might need a zoom lens to capture the fireworks instead of a wide angle lens due to the distance away from the fireworks.


A New Dawn

Facade Show 
26-31 Dec 2016, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm nightly 

While you are down to catch the Fireworks , turn your eyes to Fullerton Hotel.The facade of the Fullerton Hotel comes alive with light and colour with a digital art showcase that looks ahead into a vibrant, dynamic new year. This show combines vivid imagery and intricate textures to highlight the architectural features of this national landmark and evoke a sense of beauty and grandeur. The display will culminate in a spectacular countdown sequence on New Year’s Eve.

NYE Displays 
Marina Bay
31 Dec 2016, 8:05pm, 9:05pm, 10:05pm, 11:05pm nightly
Witness a dance of lights, laser and flames in the bay as a prelude to fireworks spectacular. Each of these displays will culminate into one of four special fireworks for the evening.

Have a Blessed New Year ahead!

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