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Sudio Vasa Blå Review + Giveaway

Looking for a Mother's day gift?

How about a set of wireless headphones?

It may be an unusual gift choice for Mother's Day but I beg to differ. In our household, Mom works in the day and takes care of children in the evening. She does a lot of teleconference calls and at the same time, travels frequently. With that in mind, a set of wireless headphones suits her needs. She gets to chill on it during travelling. In addition, she could handle her teleconference calls on it while multitasking with her free hands. Lastly, she can always put the headphones on to turn on zen mode when the boys go wild and noisy at home  Now that is what I will call a practical gift.

Sudio Headphones

If you are in the same shoes and looking for a pair of elegant headphones for your loved ones, look no further. The Sudio Vasa Blå is packaged in a stylish white box with a red ribbon worthy of its premium quality.

Sudio is a Swedish company. The company was inspired when one of the founders had an encounter with Phil Collins having problems with his headphone. As a result of this incident and wanting to find a solution, Sudio was formed.
Sudio Vasa Bla
Having scoured high and low for a set of wireless headphone suitable for a working mom, the search ended at Sudio. Most of the wireless headphones in the market are geared towards sports. They offered a good fit for workout sessions but are considerably chunkier than a normal wired headset. They are not exactly those you would like to take on a commute unless you want your fellow travellers think you have rocks in your ears.

Vasa Blå addresses the fashion faux pax with its sleek flat neckband wireless headphones. The design is noticeably more fashionable than the 'go to gym' variants in the market. The unit we reviewed was clad in a crisp white shade with pink gold ear tips for a touch of class. The matching portable leather case is a useful accessory and it adds a touch of class.

Very *ahem* Atas.

What's in the box?
What is a the box - Vasa Blå
There are 2 boxes within the main box. One box comprises of the headphones while the other houses the manual, guarantee certificate, charging cable, 4 sets of silicone tips of various sizes ( there is one additional one attached to the headset), a clip to keep the headphones in place and the leather cover. The set has everything you need for a wireless headset. It will be an improvement if the packaging is  better to justify the premium status.

Sudio Vasa Blå Rose Gold White
The headphones have a battery life of about 8 hours. With an hour used for commute per day, these headphones can last one for a week before recharging. Compared to conventional sports wireless headphones, this is one of the longest battery life we had seen. The battery pack comes in a separate casing from the volume control. This creates a little unbalance wear as both units have slightly different weight. It is not an issue if you have the wires behind your neck.

The headphones come with 5 sets of silicone tips. Finding one that suits you would not be an issue. That said, this unit is meant for everyday listening and may not be suitable for a strenuous workout session. It is not as secured as those headphones design for the specific purpose. However, if you add foam tips on it, it may just do the trick for light training sessions.

Sound wise, this unit sounds crispier compared to my sports wireless headphones. The Vasa Blå signature sound separates the sound of every instrument in every song, giving the listener a true studio experience. Bass is decent and you can feel the oomph from the beat. Do not judge when you see someone sashaying while on the headphones during your train rides. It is decent enough to make you want to move to the beat. It may not be as thumping as those headphones that are designed for that feature but it does have a decent bass. Sound does not leak as oppose to the cheaper headphones where EVERYONE in the lift can hear what you are listening to.

To be sure, this is not a set of noise cancelling headphones. This means you may not have an immersive experience with the headphone. Still, not being a set of noise cancelling headphones is not a bad thing. At least when you walk down the road, you can still hear the car honk!

The tangle free wireless headphones work well with both iPhones and Android Phones.

 Who should wear one?

Needless to say, this unit is perfect for the working crowd given the stylish outlook and practicality. Given the portable feature, it would not be surprising to find this in an Executive's bags.

If you are going for long trips on the plane to Australia, Tokyo or Seoul, this unit would be the perfect companion to bring along for the flight. For kids who watch their favourite movies on their tablets during the flight, this would be a Godsend.

In fact, in time to come, the Vasa Blå would be suitable for everyone who needs a good wireless headphone set. With phone manufacturers ditching the stereo jack, it is a matter of time before more will choose the wireless  option.

Colours options

The Vasa Blå comes with 4 different colours. Choose from Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Blue or Pink.

Personally, we think the Rose Gold White is a perfect fit with iPhone Rose Gold version.

 Special Promotion

Looking for one for yourself or as a gift?

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Like the saying goes... all good things must share.

Courtesy of Sudio, we have a Rose Gold Black version for a Mother's Day giveaway. Simply do the following to qualify

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Sponsored Disclosure
The Wacky Duo was provided a set of Sudio Vasa Bla for review. All opinions are of our own.


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