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Play-Doh gets upgraded into digital age with Playdoh Touch

Playdoh goes digital!

Most kids are familiar with Play-Doh. This is probably one of their first sensory toy toddlers are introduced to when they start playing with toys. Today, Play-Doh is well known for their kitchen inspired sets where you can make anything from noodles to burgers. For future chefs, this is the toy to get.

In truth, playing with Play-Doh is only limited to your imagination. Other than the 'food' you can create, you can even shape a whole zoo collection or anything you can image. With the newest addition to the Play-Doh family - PlayDoh Touch Shape to Life Studio, you get to explore your creative side. Best of all, kids can watch it come to live on the screen.

How to play?

1 Download the App
Play-Doh Touch
Play-Doh introduced a new way to play for kids. Since children are exposed to technology at a young age, they have integrated sensory play with digital play . To start, download the Play-Doh Touch App from App Store or Google Play.
Play-Doh Touch from App Store

2 Shape a Play-Doh Creation
Shape your own creation or use the provided stamps to create your character.

The set offers 5 different stamps you can shape to start the game. These character stamps will open unique worlds in the app for you to explore. Use the action stampers to see the effects on the creation.

3 Scan your creation with your table or smartphone
Scan your creation

Place the creation on the Shape to Life Studio, scan it and watch it comes alive on the screen,

Play Doh Shape to Life Studio

4 Play the game
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Once the scan in done, you can enjoy the game on your tablet or phone.

Our prediction for the future is that games will be more interactive. Play-Doh is taking a step in the right direction by fusing traditional play with the future. Who knows .... there might be an augmented reality play in the near future. You might just end up catching your personalised Play-Doh on the streets!

Thanks to Hasbro Singapore for providing a set for review!

Sponsored Disclosure
The Wacky Duo were provided a set for review purpose. No other incentives are given and all opinions are of our own.

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