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Movie Review : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Every now and then, there is a  movie worth mentioning on the blog. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is one of them.

10 reasons why Guardians of the Galaxy rocks
(Spoilers alert!)

1) The Intro
The shows starts with our favourite character - nope not Starlord Peter but BABY GROOT

While the rest of the team do some heavy fighting, Baby Groot decides to jive to his own beat ala Starlord in the first movie. This time, instead of focusing on the action battle scene, Baby Groot takes centre stage and gives us a charming dance performance that made the audience go awww.  The intro clearly sets the tone for this movie. This is going to be a fun movie
PS : Baby Groot is our favourite!

2) Mixtape Volume 2

More music from the 70s to charm the audience. For someone who likes old school music , What more could I ask for?

3) The Big Reveal

We finally get to see Peter's father, Ego. 
Plot twist - Ego is a planet.
 Plot twist 2 - it's not a happy reunion.

Watch the movie to see what happened

4) Cameos
Sylvester Stallone (Starkar) Michelle Yeoh ( Aleta Ogord), Ving Rames ( Charlie-27) that forms part of the original Guardians of the Galaxy is a great introduction to MCU ( Marvel Cinematic World ) who knows we may get a prequel sometime in the future ... 

Oh, don't forget Davis Hasselhoff  ( sans Kitt ).

5) Family 

Surprisingly, this show is big on family theme, making it a fantastic show to bring kids to. From sibling rivalries between Gamora and Nebula to Father and Son relationship between Ego and Peter. This movie is a great lesson for family ties and relationships for kids. 

It also taught us an important lesson on fatherhood. The relationship between Ego, Yonda and Peter shows us anyone can be a Father, but it takes a lot more( aka love and sacrifice )  for one to be a Dad! 

One more thing, blood does not make a family, trust and friendship are important too !

6) Superpowers
We all knew that the GOTG are skilled in combat , but superpowers ?
When Peter learns that his father is a God and he had inherited his genes, what does it means ?
He has superpowers too and one of them gives him the ability to create life. Move aside, Superman.

7) Laugh a minute

GOTG Vol 1 is all about revenge, Drax against Ronan, Gamba against Ronan, Gamba against Nebula. GOTG Vol 2 focus on laughter instead. Drax turns on the laughter with his over the top comments with Mantis, Baby Groot with his interpretation of instructions, Rocket with his toys... it's a laugh a minute without trying too hard to do so. A great way to relieve the stress from exams.


Sorry we could not stop laughing, even after the show...

8) Colours

Set in sunrise tones for most scenes, GOTG Vol 2 is more colourful and cheery compared to episode one. The settings are most pleasing to the eye that is is almost like seeing a comic book strips on screen.Very pleasing to the eyes

9 ) Product placement 

Sony Walkman, Microsoft Zune, Trolls. Did you spot it? 
Love the irony of the product placements on GOTG Vol 2 .

10) Baby Groot
From his dance grooves to his anger tantrum
We could not resist!
Too bad, he is growing up and will probably be full grown when GOTG avail 3 comes along.

Oh, one more thing... there are not one but 5 cut scenes at the end of the movie. So stay glued to the seas till the lights come on!

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