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Tong Gardens: Break Time snacks for kids

Snack time!

As a father to primary school going kids, I often scratch my head to get a food option for the kids to fill their stomach during the 5-10 minutes break during school hours.

If you had followed our blog, you would have known I had lamented about the lack of time in the current primary school timetable for kids to have a bite. Given that their snack break is the equivalent of lunch time , it has been a struggle to find food alternatives for the 10 minutes break. After a period of bread, the boys were yearning for a change.
Tong Gardens snack
Thus when Tong Gardens offered to provide a selection of snacks to replace bread, we decided to check out their range of snacks that would be suitable for the kids.

With only 5 to 10  minutes, the criteria for snacks is very simple. It must be easily consume within that time period by the kids. Bonus points will be given for those that are yummy too . We found some snacks from Tong Gardens and its affiliated brands that does the trick.

SunGifts Dehyrated Fruits

Sungifts Dehydrated Fruits
Fruits are always a good choice for kids. These dried fruits from Sun Gift could be an option for kids who loves fruits.

Tong Gardens bite size snacks

In all honesty, it is rather difficult for children to consume a decent meal in 5 minutes. However when it comes to snacks, it would be much easier for them. These bite size snacks are great for kids. From mixed nuts and seeds, to rasins with cranberries, you can add variety to a child's daily snacks. The funstix from the potato sticks range is always a crowd winner among kids.

Bigger snacks

For bigger kids, they might need a bigger portion for snacks. Add options such as chestnuts, almond with dried cranberries, honey roasted cashew nuts to add variety to their meal options.

Crispy Seaweeds
If you are looking for healthy snacks options, these crispy seaweeds from Noi would do the trick.

Cereal Drink
Tong Gardens
If your child has access to hot water, these cereal drinks will provide a nutritious and filling snack during the break.

Sunflowers Seeds

The sunflowers seeds are a delicious options for kids too. Easy to eat !

As they say variety is the spice of life. To have a wide choice of snacks would be great to train the taste buds of the little ones. Head down to Tong Gardens to choose your snacks. Most of the snacks are available at major supermarkets.

Have a nutty experience ahead!

TWD was provide snacks for this review

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