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#OneNationTogether - NDP 2017 is back on the Floating Platform

The Theme and Logo

#OneNationTogether is the new theme for NDP 2017. It represents a 'call to action for all Singaporeans to overcome the odds together'

Inspired by the familiar feature in Singapore address , the #hastag makes its debut as part of the theme. The logo is also base on #hastag and is inspired by the nation's first $10 note launched in 1967. 'The #hastag serves as symbols of unity and home ' as aptly described by the chairman of NDP 2017 executive committee, Colonel Melvin Ong.
Colonel Melvin Ong

Bet you did not know that long before the popularity of social media, Singaporeans are already using #hastags in our daily lives. Another first for the nation?

Singaporeans are invited to tag photos, well wishes, reflections and stories on their social media platform with #OneNationTogether #NDP2017 #NDP17 #SG52. These will be compiled and published on the official NDP website ( www.ndp.org.sg)

The Venue
NDP 2015

The Float @ Marina Bay was conceived as a venue for NDP since 2007. It has always been a crowd favourite despite the smaller 25000 capacity compared to the Singapore Stadium 50000. However, the openness of the area means fellow citizens can partake in the celebration around Marina Bay. On a good day, it can swell to 300,000 around the bay. We think the Float is an excellent location for NDP 2017.

NDP at The Float @ Marina Bay
The Parade
 Making its appearance after a 2-year hiatus at the heart of Singapore Financial District on The Float @ Marina Bay, this year NDP will see the return of traditional crowd favourites such as Red Lions, Presidential Guns Salute and Salute to the Nation by the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Expect 2 segments of Dynamic Defence Display ( D3) pack with high intensity and action- packed sequences. The D3 will be performed before and after the main parade. With this year being the 50 years of National Service, this year NDP will pay a special tribute to it.

Last but not least will be all new performances during the show segment to celebrate the different facets of our Singapore life together.

NDP Theme Song - Because It's Singapore
Jay Lim  : NDP 2017 lyricist
NDP theme songs are well loved by Singaporeans. Every year during NDP pre-parade segment, there will be spectators belting out familiar tunes. This year NDP theme song will add to the glowing playlist with Because it's Singapore. Jointly produced by Singer and lyricist Jay Lim and composer Lee Wei Song, this song highlights the harmonious lifestyle that is uniquely Singapore.

When asked what inspires him to write the song, Jay Lim credit his kids, wife and parents. We say with inspirations like the family, this song sounds like a winner.

Check out the video below

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TWD was invited to the media launch of NDP 2017

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