Yum Cha Express - Dim Sum Party at your doorstep

Having a home party?

We love having family parties in the house. When it comes to food choices, we were always scratching our heads on what to order. From Zhi Char to Fast Food, we had tried several options. After repeated purchases of similar food, it had became predictable and bland.  Since it is variety we seek, we kept an open eye on food options that are available for the special occasions.

Yum Cha Express

Treat from Yum Cha Express
Thus when Yum Cha Express offered us to sample their menu, it was perfect timing as we intended to have a gathering at home for Father's day. Having been to Yum Cha Chinatown, it would be a delight to enjoy their famed dim sum in the comforts of our home.

Choosing from the menu was quite a feat. Other then their well known steamed and fried dim sum options, you can also choose seafood dishes like Seafood Fried Rice, Seafood Vermicelli, Special Salted Egg Prawn, Famous Black Pepper Crab, Signature Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Baked Crab. Thankfully, there are pre-selected Dim Sum Sets you can choose from at a special price. These sets range serves 8 to as much as 25 pax. Choosing the set instead of individual dishes will save you up to 30% off the normal prices. Furthermore, with a the selection that is decent for a Dim Sum feast, ordering from Yum Cha Express is a fuss free process.

Yum Cha Express
The food arrived punctually at the stated time. The Dim Sum were packaged in boxes that resemble the dim sum bamboo tray... very cool touch. These boxes are microwavable , ensuring your food can be fresh and piping hot when needed.


Lights Bite Platter B
We had the Lights Bite Platter B 小食拼盘B to serve as appetizer. With crispy silver fish, dried-fried pumpkin, crispy prawn paste chicken. deep fried butterfly prawns and the delicious salted egg fish skin, it is a dish that will literally set hearts racing. Forget about the calories count, this is one dish you should savour first, exercise later.
 Prawn and Mango Sesame Fritters
The stars of the meal will be the famed dim sum selections from Yum Cha Express.

Siew Mai with Fish Roe
This is what we had for the meal

3 x Yum Cha Prawn Dumpling 飲茶蝦餃皇 (3pcs)
3 x Siew Mai with Fish Roe 魚子蒸燒賣 (3pcs)
3 x Crystal Chives Dumpling 韭菜水晶包 (3pcs)
3 x Pumpkin Yam Golden Cake 金瓜竽丝糕 (3pcs)
3 x Prawn and Mango Sesame Fritters 芝麻香芒筒
3 x Deep-fried Shrimp Beancurd Roll 鮮蝦腐皮卷 (3pcs)
3 x Crispy Red Bean Paste with Banana 三味香酥餅 (3pcs)

Crispy Red Bean Paste with Banana
Our favourite dishes would be the all familiar Siew Mai with Fish Roe and the  crispy red bean paste with banna. The former is a must have dish for dim sum meals while the latter infused a blend of tastes that was crispy on the outside and simply soft and flavoured on the taste buds.

Crystal Chives Dumpling
Dishes were delivered fresh and warm. It is best consumed immediately after delivery to maintain the freshness.

Deep-fried Shrimp Beancurd Roll

Pumpkin Yam Golden Cake

In addition to the dim sum dishes, you can add additional dishes to create a full meal. We recommend the following off the menu. 

1 x Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken 酥炸蝦醬雞 
1 x Seafood Fried Rice 海鮮炒飯 - Large
1 x Special Salted Egg Prawns 沙翠咸旦虾

Special Salted Egg Prawns

Useful information

Dim Sum at your doorstep can be ordered through 3easy methods
The minimum order is at SGD70.  Orders can be place on the same day, however it is subjected to availability. To avoid disappointment, you may want to order at least one day in advance. Payment can be done by credit card or cash on delivery. Surcharge of SGD 12 are applicable for delivery but will be waive for orders above SGD120. Certain areas and festive seasons might incur addition delivery charges.

Yum Cha Delivers


Did we piqued your taste bud with this post?

Our apologies if we do. To make it up, we have 3 e-vouchers courtesy of Yum Cha Express worth $50 each to whet your appetite.

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Terms and Conditions
There is a minimum order of $70 per order
For Sentosa, Tuas and Jurong Industrial Areas, minimum order is at $100. .$12 surcharge applies for every delivery order, however, delivery is free for orders above $120. For Sentosa, Tuas and Jurong Industrial Areas, a $20 delivery charge applies.

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TWD was provided a sample from Yum Cha Express for review


  1. I would like to win a Dim Sum party for my son's upcoming 5 year old birthday party in August. Small occasion with my folks and in-laws so I think they will appreciate dim sum over pizza! ahah! thanks!

  2. The Yam Cha Express offers a wide choice of dim sum. I like the Lights Bite Platter B 小食拼盘B with wide choice in one tray will surely please my visitors when I host party.

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    Jaime chan

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    As my grandparents is old and do not like to travel faraway for dining, we seldom have chance to bring them out for great food.
    With Yum Cha Express, they can enjoy wide range of dim sum comfortably at home.
    Dim sum is always the best choice for me as it suits the oldest to the youngest in my family.

    dim sum in the comforts of our home

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