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My Little Giant : Indoor Playpark Review & Giveaway

We had been on a hiatus from indoor playgrounds for a couple of months.

Given that the boys are in primary school, time for indoor playgrounds had been limited by weekend routine of homework and enrichment classes. With the month long June holiday, it is time to catch up on play.

Let's Explore My Little Giant!

The well timed invitation from My Little Giant @ Big Box was our excuse to revisit indoor playgrounds. We decided to leave the sanctuary of the East and head West  to explore My Little Giant
Prior to our visit, we had heard so much about the new mega playgrounds that had been popping up in the West. In fact, hybrid playgrounds had been taking over the playscape of Singapore for the past few months. My Little Giant was one of the pioneer of such play parks. Established only last year, it is a soup up indoor playgrounds with plenty of extras such as arcade and ufo catchers  to keep everyone (including adults ) entertain.

Let’s start our exploration at the indoor Playgrounds itself. 
My Little Giant Indoor Playground

The indoor playground is similar to what we had experienced before. There are plenty of space in this playground for little ones to roam about. If you have kids, the best age to expose them to this indoor playground will be from 5-10. Any younger and you might need to supervise them at every step . Any older and they will probably be bored after a few rounds running around.
Tall enough for adults

My Little Giant playground does provide a little more headroom compared to the rest. While Daddy cannot stand at certain parts, he manage to maneuver his bulky dad bod around the playgrounds. However the presence of tunnels throughout the playgrounds does slowed his progress somewhat. After one round of trying to play catch, he gave up seeing how we speedily escape in the maze like structure.

More Tunnels!
So high!
The three story tall playground boosts several slides. There are a few short slides located within the indoor playgrounds. However , the attention was quickly turn to the 3 story tall slide that provided us a little more adrenaline rush as we slide down the ball pit.

View from the top

Other forms of slides such as the winding slide helped us to get down from the playgrounds quickly.

Shorter slides

More Slides!

Slides Galore

Slides and tunnels may be prevailing in the playgrounds,  but there are nooks and crannies to explore 


Bounce your heart content in this trampoline area.


Take aim and shoot at the sharks. The only catch is that the balls are caught in the net and might be difficult to retrieve.

Target ahead!




There is a choo choo train in the playground?

Located on the 3rd story, this is something new that we stumbled on… one caveat though… it was not working!
Push me!


What is a playgrounds without a ball pit where you can just lie in it and sleep?

Ball Pit

If you are looking for toddler area, there is none at the moment. However, there are suitable rides for them there. The management did said that there will be a renovation coming up and it will include an area for toddler. So yippee for that.

Kiddy Rides
That is not all, there are more place to explore in the playground!

Step up

Take a ride

If you are heading to the playgrounds, do bring your socks along. Socks are also available from the counter.

Wear your socks
There are lockers and shoe racks to place your belongings too. From what we saw, there were sufficient space for strollers too.

Resting area

Add caption

Now for the fun part for the family.

 As mentioned earlier, this is a hybrid playground. Just next to the  playground is an arcade amusement center that is about the same size as the playground itself. If we have to be honest , this is the part where we are most excited about. After all,  adults can join in the fun with us. This arcade does not require entrance fee so it is free to go for everyone.

UFO Catcher machines

The first thing that caught our eyes are the row of UFO catchers along the corridor. Being avid UFO catcher fans, we were glad to discover another place to ply our skills.

Catch me!

More mini UFO catchers are found inside the arcade . UFO catchers in a school bus. 

Mini UFO Catchers
Cool right?

I want these!

Step into the arcade and you will be invited by the various games there to give it a spin. From kiddy rides to mini ufo catchers to ticketed machines, there is something for everyone in the arcade section. 

Whack and win

Get a playcard for credits before you start. You can opt for a normal card (Stored value $10) or get the VIP card (Stored value $80) that gives you 20% discount per play. 

My Little Giant Playcard

Alternatively have a go at games with tickets rewards. Tickets are awarded electronically Judging by the e-tickets awarded, it seem reasonable to walk away with decent prizes. Compared to other arcades we had been to, the payoff is more generous.

There is even a machine that give out instant prizes.

Win an Instant Prize

Whoo Hoo...we spotted a carousel ride , unfortunately it was under maintenance when we visited

If you intend to hold a party , there is party area too. We were told that it will be upgraded soon, so look out for it. On the flip side , there is no cafe attached to the playground. There are plenty of food options in Big Box itself to fill the stomachs. Given the facilities, it will not be surprising to be tempted to have a party here.
Party Area

At the end of the games, do head to the counter to change your e-tickets for prizes.

Change for prizes

If you think that is all, it is not!

We spotted a mini crane game on the premises.

There is a sand play too, right next to the mini crane area. Extra charges applies to this.

Sand play

Head outdoors and there is more. 

Choo Choo
There is an train station (working this time) and a crane section similar to the ones found at Diggersite, a place we explored in our past adventures. There are more UFO catchers outdoors too.


One more thing… do try out the 9D VR rides. Forget about 3D , 4D , 6D... this is the bomb!

There are plenty of rides for you to choose. Ride with dinosaurs, eliminate terminators, battle in space, you can to choose whatever adventure you want. Check out My Little Giant for promotional packages if any.


My Little Giant is more than just a playground. Initially, we thought that we would spend an hour or so there. We ended up with spending more than 3 hours there. If it was not for the budget, we would have spend the whole afternoon there if we had our way. 

My Little Giant is like a one stop amusement center for kids from 4-12. With the play options in the vicinity, the potential is tremendous. Instead of going to different playgrounds, this could be THE PLAYGROUND of the west. Just add in carnival games to complete the experience!


Big Box 1 Venture Avenue #01-12

(Next to Jurong East MRT Station)

Singapore 608521 


Courtesy of  My Little Giant, we are giving away 3 sets of family pass ( 2 adults and 2 kids ) to the playground.

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Simply do the following to qualify
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TWD was invited to My Little Giant  for review


  1. hope to win because have yet to bring the kiddos there! good motivation also to go all the way to the west!

  2. 'Why you would like to visit My Little Giant?'

  3. This is the newest indoor playground in town and innovative for the various arcade games!I'm sure we as the parents will have a blast of fun times with our active toddler daughter. The social media coverage excite us with the many interesting things we can do as a family to have a great bonding and fun times.

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  19. I've got 2 super energetic boys. One's a pre-schooler who's never tires of indoor playgrounds & slides, & the other's a year old who's getting a little bored of climbing indoor playgrounds & slides. I always have a headache trying to find a place where both can have as much fun. If it's not the younger one can't go on certain rides due to height limits, it's the older one complaining of boredom...
    My Little Giant seems like a place where I can finally let both of them enjoy playtime like they've never before! And the best part is, I can even join in the fun!!!

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  23. Xabery Hwe Jun7 July 2017 at 10:09

    I think it's a great way to spend the weekend where we can have fun and still do our weekly groceries shopping. Since the school terms has started, the kids have been looking forward to their next holiday. They will definitely be very pleased to be able to run around and have fun to their hearts' content, and be energized for the week ahead!

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