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Hay Dairies - Singapore Goat Farm Review

Nay Nay Nay

Recently, we took a week long holiday in Margaret River, a region famed for wineyards and farms. For city boys, being in farms opens up a whole new world for them.

Having been to  The Animal Resort at Seletar Farm, we were eager for a different experience in Singapore. Thus, we decided to head far north -west to Lim Chu Kang to explore Hay Dairies ; Singapore ONLY Goat farm since 1988.

The drive towards the farm brought back memories of our drive through Boranup Forest in Margaret River. With tall trees lining up on both side of the road with nary a building in sight, this landscape is rare in urbanised Singapore. The road may be short, but the surreal drive does make one feel being transported to another country.

Hay Dairies
The road to Hay Dairies is pretty straightforward on Lim Chu Kang Road. There is a a large sign to Hay Diaries to indicate where to turn. Hay Diaries is located at the end of a dead end road.  Spotting three goats perched on a rock will mean you are on the right location.

The good thing about Hay Diaries is that you can feed the goats. Before we head to view and pet the goats, we got a packet of Alfalfa Hay each to feed the goats. With no entrance fees, this is one of the way the farm self sustain. At $5 per packet , it translate to a pretty reasonable 'entrance' fee. 
Alfalfa Hay
It's off to the sheds to feed the goats.

To be honest , we were kind of hoping the goats will be house on natural farmlands. Unlike the farms in Margaret River, the goats are housed in pens . You walked through a path that is about 100m long to feed the goats.

On the plus side, there are probably more than 100  goats in the pens waiting to be fed. From kids to adult goats, there are plenty of hungry goats to feed.

 Fact :  Baby Goats are known as kids way before children are known as such!

The only activity here is feeding the goats. However if you do arrive earlier in the day, you could milk the goats from 9-1030am (daily except for Tuesday)

The goats are pretty hungry there and the food packet purchased should be sufficient for the walk down the pen.

Do look out for 'Michael Jackson' lookalike at the end of the pen. We think it is one handsome goat!

When you are at the entrance, there is also a spot for you to learn more about 羊.

What is the difference between sheep and goat?

Sheep (Ovis aries) have 54 chromosomes, while goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) have 60.
In addition, the meat we eat from sheep is called mutton while goat 's meat is called chevon. Only in part of Asia ( eg Singapore), that we associate mutton with goats.

Bet you don't know that huh?

Before you leave, do head over the counter and have a taste of Hay Dairies specialty...

Goat Milk!

Essential Information
3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859

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