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Snippets of NDP 2017 : Show Preview

NDP is just around the corner

If you have been to Marina Bay over the weekend during the rehearsal, you would probably have seen the all-time favourite fireworks. Prior to that, you might even seem the fly past and the red lions gliding down the sky to the Floating Platform. 

What you might have not seen it the actual show performance for the evening. This year, NDP 2017 celebrates the Collective Strength and Determination to profess as #OneNationTogether.

If you have your hands on the prize tickets or anticipating the live telecast on TV. Here is what you can expect from NDP 2017 show performance. With over 3000 performances from 13 show partners and 38 artists from participants age range from as young as 4 to 81 years old, this will be a spectacular show

Show highlights

Celebrating Singapore Birthday as #OneNation Together
3 new groups to debut in NDP this year.
       The Purple Symphony – All inclusive orchestra made up of people with and without special needs
       A2 Movements – Parkour group
       Joyriders – Recreational cyclist group

Audience Engagement Moments
Audience will play a bigger role in interactive performance. In Act 1 – Living Together, audience will perform a simple clap choreography. In Act 4-Celebrating Together, audience will be giving a toast to the nation

Largest Unmanned Drone Performance
300 unmanned drones will take to the skies over Marina Bay for the first time. This will be the largest unmanned drones display in Southeast Asia. It will be a sight to behold!

Aerial System and Performance
For the first time, an aerial system has been integrated into the stage design to elevate performers and props 20 metres above ground. Expect visually-captivating experience from this unique setup.

Revolving Stage and Movable LED Screen
NDP 2017 will have a revolving state and two main stage LED screen. They can be combine together into a single screen. This means more options for stage space and performance area.
Look out for these performances in NDP 2017!

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