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Honest Bee – Convenience shopping for the family.


We love grocery shopping. 

It is therapeutic to walk down the aisle on weekends to stock up our weekly grocery needs. The shopping is the fun part, the queuing is not. Honestly, we had to shop early in the day so we could make a Bee line to the counter to avoid the long weekend crowds.
Given how we must wake up every weekday at 6 am to prepare the kids for school, nap time is a luxury that we would love to have more over the weekends. Our solution to this dilemma - honestbee
Who is honestbee?
If you have been living under a rock and not heard of honestbee, here is a quick rundown. It is an online concierge and delivery service that lets you order from your favourite grocery store. In other words, forget about the long queue at the supermarket and let honestbee pick up your grocery. You can now 'shop' online at any time and at your own convenience.  Use the time saved from shopping to do your favourite family activities (including sleep) and let the busy bees bring the honey to your doorstep. 

What if we tell you that you can get more than just groceries from honestbee? 
New Shops :  Family Market and U Stars

When it first started out,  honestbee was known as a grocery online store.  In recent time, with the launch of new specialty stores such as Family Market and U Stars, your family's everyday needs are well covered. Now you can shop for products ranging from baby care products, household goods, food and snacks, health and beauty essential under one shop.
As we explore the site, we discover that there are good value items to be sussed out from these stores. Take for example Family Mart (the lasts online grocery store in Honest Bee family) brand names such as Mamapoko, Huggies, Merries diapers, UHT milk, Enfagrow formula sells for 10-30% cheaper compared to the stores. Having gone through the baby stages with the boys, infant products were usually our ‘big ticket’ items during our grocery trips. Most of the time it could be as high as 50% of our total grocery bill. Imagine the savings we could have if honestbee had launched a decade ago.
No matter, we still find some items that are pretty good deals for us. We found brand name personal care items (such as Cetaphil face cleanser and Dove body wash) and household essentials such as cleaning supplies, rice, laundry detergents at 10-30% cheaper than the store.   

Good deals must share, right?

To prove the point, we head down to a supermarket for samples to pitch against honestbee’s shops prices. Here is a quick comparison of what we had found in Supermarket vs what is available at honestbee. 

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 1L
Supermarket Price: $39.50
honestbee (Family Market)  Price: $22.2 (Savings 43%)

Dettol Original Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
Supermarket Price :$3.7 for one, $11.10  for three
honestbee (Family Market) Price : $6.70 (Savings 40%)

Nan Optipro Kid Formula
Supermarket Price: $36.6 
honestbee (U Stars) Price : $35.5 ( Savings 3%)

From the comparison, it is safe to conclude that shopping in honestbee means more $$$ in your pocket (Prices as of 9 July 2017)
Plus, shopping at honestbee has never been easier. Instead of fanatically going up and down the isle of supermarkets searching for that one item, some of which may take hours in a mega mart, you can now do it at a much leisurely pace. Take for example, at Family Market, items are categorised simply under the essential needs of the family. Babies- Drinks-Food Cupboard-Health and Beauty- Home – Household & Cleaning- Snacks & Sweets.

It is easy to locate what you want in a jiffy. No more huffing and puffing to search for an item in the Supermarket. Furthermore, shopping can be done anywhere and anything as there is an app available for iPhone and Android.

There are plenty more gems to be discovered at honestbee. honestbee offer specialty stores to suit your needs and wants. Check out stores such as Fairprice (Singapore favourite Supermarket), Emporium Shokuhin (Japanese Gourmet Grocer), Le Petit Depot(French Flair), Mothercare, Freshdirect(Fresh green from the farm) and more. 
With all these stores under one shop, it would mean plenty of time save for us. There is no need to travel to these stores and incur parking charges, endure long queues and waste precious time over the weekend. All these savings and perks can be channel to more family activities. Killing 2 birds with one Bee sounds fantastic.

How to shop at honestbee
  1. Sign up at Honest Bee
  2. Enter your location to check the stores you can shop from
  3. Click on the items you want
  4. Checkout when complete 
Shopping Tips
·     Opt for delivery during non peak hours
Delivery is set in 1-hour timeframe, so you need not wait around at home for your delivery.  It is also offered islandwide. Same-day delivery is available at certain locations 
·     Buy in bulk
Free Delivery if you purchase above the minimum per store. It is best to consolidate to meet the minimum, else a delivery fee of $10 applies. For example, shopping for groceries at Family Mart requires minimum $50 for free delivery. Franky, it is achievable considering our groceries averages $100 per trip.
·     Concierge Fee applies for delivery
Concierge fee is at a decent rate averaging $3.99 per store. Considering the savings, you have from carpark and the time you save from shopping yourself, it is a pretty good deal.

Special Treat
Use our link to sign up at honestbee and  get S$10 credit for purchase above $50. Valid for one month from the date of account activation. 

Shop now at Family Market here: http://bit.ly/2uGByrY

Shop now at U stars here:

Time to free up your time and let the Bee doing the shopping for you!
Disclaimer  :TWD was sponsored store credits for this review

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