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Zoom Park Singapore : Keep Calm and Jump

Main Court
Keep calm and Jump

As the boys get older, their outlet to distress changes. Having outgrown the standard indoor playgrounds, they had proceed to bigger ‘playgrounds’ such as trampoline jumping and rock-climbing.

Given that it was the mid-year school break, it was a good time to explore other trampoline parks that were under our rader. Upon the invitation from Zoom ParkSingapore, we decided to head down to the wild west for a jump. Being Easterners, it was a long long way across this little red dot. 
Will the trip be  worth it?

Getting There
Zoom Park Singapore
For residents in the west, finding the way to Pandan Gardens would probably be a walk in the park. For Sotongs (aka us) from other parts of the island, we had to rely on our trusty GPS to get us there. 
It is not easy to spot Zoom Park Singapore, given its non descriptive front (save for a dash of colours on the windows). Housed in a one story industrial building, you might miss it if you are going too fast. There is a small carpark there with limited parking.If it is full, drive about 50m down to park at the public car park.

For those taking MRT, the nearest station Jurong East is quite a distance away, so you might need alternative transport to Zoom Park.

Jump your day away

Upon reaching our destination , we are ready to jump.  Before the boys are unleashed, there is a mandatory safety video to watch before the jump.
Zoom Park is similar to the other Trampoline Parks we had visited (Skyhigh and Orto) It is also partitioned in section and has different stations compared to the other parks. In terms of size, this is the largest Trampoline park in town

Zoom Park Singapore
Here is a quick zoom through what you can expect at Zoom Park.

Rock Wall
Rock Wall @ Zoom Park
The first thing that will stop you on your tracks would be the rock wall. The wall is just situated next to the entrance of the park. It might not look tall but it is more challenging than it looks. The old man had a good at it and sadly, he could not proceed higher than the blue zone. In all fairness, kids that are 3 decades older are climbing it without breaking a sweat. Luckily for the old man, there is a foam pit to catch him should he fall.

Foam Pit
Let's jump
Speaking of Foam pit, this is one the boys would gladly dive into.   Adults will find it hard to resist it too.


The boys headed out to the dodgeball area to have a go at each other. This is an enclosed area next to the foam pit. As much as they want to, the time spend there was quite limited. With only a couple of balls available for them to use, the ‘battle’ over in a jiffy.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk
Next up is slam dunk. This is probably the younger boy’s favourite area. He might not be able to do a proper slam dunk due to his height, but he did get a few decent shots in. Old man is in action again with his first dunk in life. The trampoline helps a lot in his case.
Dad have a go too!
Extreme Dodgeball

Zoom Park is so huge that there is more than one Dodgeball area. We can’t really tell it apart, but it does mean more space to jump and roll.

Tumble Tracks
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Run and tumble along these tracks. It is a 3 lane track, so race your buddies while you are there. The jumping area is softer than the main court, so it is great from tumbling your way from one end to another.

Main Court
This is the place the boys love the most. When we were there during lunchtime, the crowd was noticeably smaller. As such , we almost have the whole main court by ourselves. There are mini platforms that you could climb on and through. The boys name this the Parkour area and wasted no time in inventing challenges to up each other.

High Performance
High Performance area
This area is only opened for Zoom Park members. The trampolines are Olympic graded with means
you can jump higher and do more stunts on it. You also need to be at least 120cm to jump on it.

Cool Room

Zoom Park is cooled by a few large fans in the park. However, it is not 100% air-conditioned. It can get warm especially after a few jumps. Head to the cool room located next to the entrance to cool down when needed. Water dispenser is also provided FOC should you need some juice to cool you down.
Mini Cafe
Mini Cafe
There is a café with seated area should you need a bite while you are there. If you are looking for restrooms, they are located outside the park itself and shared by tenants and customers of the same building.
Party room

If you plan to host birthday parties,  there are facilities such as party room available. Check out Zoom Park Singapore website for more details.

Going to a trampoline park would mean all members of the family would get to enjoy the facility. If that is the case, there are lockers available to stash your stuff till you need one.

If you are looking to combine family fun and exercise, heading to a trampoline park would give you the best of both world. Given its size ,Zoom Park Singapore provides you with all the space you need for a family jump. Frankly an hour jump would suffice if you can last through it. Children with boundless energy tends to last longer, so do factor that in.

Prices for a one hour jump starts from $15 for non peak and $18 for peak hours. Kids 5 and under pays a discounted rate when you are in the park. Jump starts every half hour on the clock . Do arrive early too to sign waiver and watch safety video. Do wear your socks or get one from them. It would be best to wear non slip socks to be safe in the park.
  Check out their promotions before heading down.

Essential Information
200 Pandan Gardens #01-14 Singapore 609336

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TWD was invited to jump at Zoom Park for a review


  1. Very simple...can lose sweat and weight!

  2. Loose calories and a day of Fun at Trampoline

  3. Helps me lose my 'spare tyre' around my waist!

    Robert Sim

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    trampoline keeps me fit and happy

  5. It kills two birds with one stone - fun with my family and helping me to keep fit! Good for the body, good for my soul!

  6. Jumping on the trampoline is good for losing weight and keeping fit while having fun!

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    Jumping on trampoline is great for exercising,losing way and being healthy in a fun way.

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    Trampoline makes me feel like I am very light cos I can jump very high and slam dunk!

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    Good to sweat it out and lose some weight! 💖💖
    Fb name: Chris Lee

  10. So that the family can get some exercise and hopefully we can jump and grow taller.

  11. Jumping around is definitely a way to spend a fun and fulfilling day with my friends or family! Have not been exercising for the best 5 months due to internship and this would be a great opporutinity to start exercising and burn off the fats from sitting down long hours in the office!:)

  12. Liked The Whacky Duo and Zoom Park Asia FB Page������������

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    hope to win to let little prince �� have a bouncing good time!

  13. Jumping on trampoline is good for my family because it is good for relieving stress :-)

  14. I'm a very lazy person & I hate exercising! On the other hand, I love playing games! This trampoline park is definitely a must-go because I get to exercise & sweat it all out while having fun & keeping myself healthy! I'm able to relieve stress while jumping after a long day at work! Hope to be lucky!

  15. Jumping on Trampoline is not only beneficial to me but for my whole family too... it provides well-being for our biological, psychological & sociological needs... physically to strengthen our bodies, emotionally to destress & bond together, we also get to know others in the park...

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    exercise! sweat it out!


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