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National Day 2017 : Funpack !

Can we be truthful?

The National Day Parade has always been a highlight for the family. We love the parade, the performance and the fireworks. One thing we look forward to every year is the National Day Funpack. After all, most of the items you received in the pack are limited edition items ,

Don't believe?

Let's check out what is in the funpack for NDP 2017. If you want the more detailed version, see our video at TheWackyDuo.

The Bag
NDP 2017 Funpack

What is inside the NDP funpack?

Every year, the funpack or bag changes. Sometimes you get a tote bag, sometimes a sling bag or maybe even a backpack. Truth be told, there are winners for some year and meh for others. This year , you can what we call a transformer bag.

It is a backpack that can be unfolded to accommodate more stuff. Once folded, it looks more like a pouch than a backpack. There is also a detachable smaller pouch up in front. The bag comes in 2 colours, red and white. If you happen to be attending the parade and have 2 different bags , you can transform it by switching the pouch to end up with a red  / white bag. Cool huh?
The bag is waterproof , so no worries about rain on the big day (touch wood)

The weight of the funpack and the contents are said to have been reduced to a mere 1.5kg. Even with the weight reduced, you would have everything you need to enjoy the NDP celebration. Let's dive in and see what goodies it holds

Party Essentials

With a more compact design, the party essentials are doing double duty

First up is the clap banner that doubles up as a fan.

Next, you need the cap ( it will be hot !) together with a Singapore flag that can be lit up. Perfect for the led wave you would do on the float in the evening. Temporary tattoos are there for you in case you need additional 'make up'. In case it rains, ponchos are included (so leave your large umbrellas at home!)

Limited editions

Looking for limited edition stuff?

There is a special Army 50 keychain to commemorate 50 years of National Service in the bag.

If you are travelling, these luggage tags will be useful.

For those who love to 'chope' their seats, use these limited edition tissue packs and wetwipes to do so. There is also a 'limited edition' plastic bag for you to dispose your stuff at the end of the parade.


Biscuits and drinks are included. The newwater makes its annual appearance in the bag. An additional Fairprice  bottle is included . It should be sufficient to last through the performance.

There you go, the 2017 NDP funpack revealed!

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