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SRT Red Riding Hood 小红帽 Review

Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

When we went to see SRT's The Little Company Red Riding Hood ( 小红帽) in mandarin, we were already expecting something different due to our past experiences with TLC production. Never did we expect to see and hear Red Riding Hood like we had never did before. Visually captivating and musically tweeting, this original adaption of Red Riding Hood left us in awe.

Here are 5 reasons why we think  小红帽 rocks!

Original adaptation

This version of Red Riding Hood have enough plot twist that will keep you on your seats. Forget about all you know about Red Riding Hood, this play brings a new dimension to the story and even added a surprising ending to the story. Let's just say, it is one you would not expect at the start of the day.

Red Riding Hood might be a simple tale for kids, but SRT adds layers of goodness to it that made us love it to bits!

Excellent cast

The energetic performances of the Big Bad Wolf ( Ric Liu), Red Riding Hood (Sharon Sum) and a surprise character, Will the Woodcutter (Sugie Phua) were fit for Broadway. Together with the rest of the cast, the chemistry on stage is sizzling. We gave an A for performance!

Surprisingly Witty
Source : SRT

Watching a show in Chinese is a challenge to us. Honestly, we hardly speak Chinese, much less watch Chinese shows. Yet , Red Riding Hood added a lot of wits in their dialogues, making this production a funny one to boot. Most notable was the confusing yet hilarious dialogue between the forgetful wood cutter and Red Riding Hood. Look out too for hidden jokes such as 9 + 10 = 21 ( A popular meme that  kids would recognize).

Stage Comes Alive
Source : SRT

From the forest to Grandma's house, each set changes blends seamlessly from one to another. It may be a small stage but you would experience several changes on it. Impressive!

Family Values

Source : SRT
TLC plays are known for their focus on family. Red Riding Hood is no exception. The show tells a tale of a young girl willing to do her best for her family and the people she cares for. It shows that the little ones in the family could actually be the bravest. Never underestimate what a child can do, especially in times when parents doubt themselves.

With the focus on strong family values, this will make an excellent show to bring families to watch. Furthermore, as it is in Mandarin, it will be a good mini education show to expose kids to the Chinese language.

The play is recommended for kids age 5 and up. The show will run to 1 Sep. Catch it at KC Arts Centre- Home of SRT.

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TWD was invited for a review of the show.

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