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GV Gold Class Katong Review : Worth the weight in Gold?

Watch a movie in style?

Every now and then, we will live a little and indulge in the pleasures of life. For someone who baulked at the thought of paying an exorbitant price for business class flights, getting Gold Class tickets was the next best alternative to enjoy luxury seats, albeit on the ground. Thus this set the stage for a family outing to Gold Class Katong for our next movie; Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spiderman : Homecoming at Gold Class

Before we start, it is a well-known fact that Gold Class ticket cost 4 times as much as the normal movie seats. It was quite a feat to key in the credit card numbers to book the seats online; the wallet suddenly felt a whole lot lighter. Thankfully, we found a slightly cheaper option with the purchase of HSBC movie card in lieu of the tickets, making this dear experience a little more affordable.

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From our past encounters with GV Katong, we noticed that there is a lounge attached to the cinema. Since we wanted to experience the full perks of Gold Class, we decided to head there 40 minutes earlier for a little indulgence.

Golden Village Gold Class

If you have a craving for WIFI, it is provided at the lounge.  Little treats do perk up the experience. Wine is on the tap too for those whose seek a 'higher' experience. 

Relax lah, that bottle is empty...
Yes, you can also order food at the lounge and have a pre movie meal

We ordered the platter online and requested it to be served before the show. It came to a tad late and with the late requests from the boys for their essential their hotdogs and popcorn. The old man had to head down (GC Katong is a 2-floor cinema) to purchase them as they are not sold in Gold Class. It was a loooooong 10 minutes wait. In the end, we had to take the food inside. 
Our Platter
Actually, that was not a bad decision. In fact, it was actually quite cool. We had the front seats and it felt like we were chilling in our own private theatre. 

Tip: Before the show started, head to Gold Class personal toilets. This is another bonus for Gold Class customers as you do not need to walk down the long corridor for an emergency.

Gold Class Layout
That brings us straight to the next topic, the theatre itself. 

Private Seats
Let's start with the seats. The theatre we were in has 4 rows of seats. Each row has 3 pairs of plushie chairs side by side. 

Seat tips: The Middle front seats have the best view! 
If you are going as a couple, you will be granted your own personal space. If you are heading with younger kids. Do make sure they are of age to behave else they may cause a ruckus in this serene set up, especially if they are sitting on their own. 

GV Gold Class Seats

The boys could not contain their excitement, especially when they discovered what the plushie chairs can do. Apologies to the movie patrons on that day if they caused too much ruckus in their exuberance. Thankfully no one came and hush us. 

First Class Seats

Back to the seats. recline or upright, it was a difficult choice as both are equally comfy. We do recommend recline. Think business class on flights, there is a reason why seats recline right?
If at any point you feel hungry, you could always press a button and a butler will be in to take your orders. Your food will be delivered to your seat. Wah, this is gold class afterall. Don't worry about payment, the bill will be delivered at the end of the show.

Show starts, it was time to indulge in this cosy setup. One point to note, blankets are provided. They are in the 'pillows' on your seats. Just try not to get too comfortable or you might end up snoozing.

We ended up spending the equivalent of a month's worth of movie treats in one show alone (inclusive of our extra meals). Granted, unless you are blessed with unlimited wealth, this is not an everyday treat . 

If you want to impress your other half on the first date or give your children a birthday treat, GV Gold Class is an experience to savour . It is a whole lot cheaper than flying business class on a 2-hour flight to Bangkok. So that is putting things into perspective. 

As for Spiderman... er ... let's just say the experience on Gold Class made the show more delightful. (It wasn't half bad, but honestly , it did not make us do backflips over it ) 
Will we be back to GV Gold Class again?

If the show is a must watch for the family, we just might ....

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  1. went to GB gold class i12 katong today. had any three meal form only $39 guess promo for weekday. the sea bass was so succulent n fresh paired with orange juice yummy! n we were given free box of popcorn such a delightful suprise. just one glitch, our pre order white choc with raspberry pudding was change to something else or it would been a stellar experience!


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