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Onsight Rock Climbing Review : One Rock at a time

To go higher, you must first conquer your own fear.

On occasions, the boys would request their own entertainment for the weekend. They may be wacky but adventurous , they are not. It was a good surprise that they suggested rock  climbing as opposed to our usual more sedentary haunts.

The closest rock climbing facility within our vicinity was Onsight Climbing Gym . Without hesitation, a weekend date was booked .Given that it was quite a while since our last rock climbing escapade. We opted for an instructor to guide us through. The cost is more expensive then the normal admission ( $38 per pax), but you get to have personal coaching as well as someone professional to handle the ropes for rock climbing.

Onsight Climbing Gym

Onsight Climbing Gym is located at the old Singapore Badminton Hall along Guillemard Road. Stepped into this old warehouse like building and you will be greeted with huge walls to climb. Billed as Singapore biggest indoor climbing gym , it boost a space of 10,000 sqft with 2000 sqft of bouldering surface. With 43 lanes and over 100+ routes to climb, you are spoilt for choice in this place. Rates are charged by entry for those with experience climbing. Programs such as New Kids on the Bloc and Family Climb are available for those who are new to rock climbing. To see what is suitable, you might want to check their full program. We took the 2 hours ‘ New Kids on the Bloc’ for our day our at Onsight.

Compared to the Rock School that we had been to. This place is massive.

The boys got an instructor to guide them on the basic of rock climbing. Each one of them takes a turn to make their way up. The wall looks pretty high from below, so it does take a strong heart to  make your way to the top. Some of the walls are as high as 15 meters tall.

I see , I climb

Other than the standard rock climbing with rope, there are walls you can climb without them too. Cushions are places beneath the lower walls to protect any falls.


From what we experience, rock climbing is not exactly a walk in the park. If you are new, it is best to engage instructors for your climb.

Freesytyle kids

Given that the boys are growing up pretty fast (slow down lads), indoor playgrounds just do not make the cut for them anymore. As children get bigger and looking for more challenges, rock climbing is one activity that one could engage in. In fact, it is a well known fact that children are better climbers while they are young, thus rock climbing is perfect to hone their psychomotor skills.

For us, this will be an additional to do activity when we have the time.

Essential Information
Onsight Climbing Gym
100 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399718

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