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Creating holiday memories with Photojaanic

Preserving holiday memories.

If you have been following us, you will know that we are avid travellers. Our aim is to make at least 3 overseas trips per year. Having a blog is perfect for sharing these travel adventures. In addition to the blog, we done have instagram as well as youtube videos to document our trip.

A downside to these sharing is that you need a computer to view the photos. Having physical copies of it to share among friends and family would be ideal in a gathering. You could even opt to display your photos as wall art , making it the perfect holiday souvenirs that you could cherish for a lifetime. For this purpose, we turn to Photojaanic to immortalize our travel memories.

Photojaanic is a one stop shop for your printing needs. It is an online shop base out of Singapore and Goa. The shop provides an assortment of printed media, ranging from photobooks to printed wall arts.Will several options to bring memories to print, we opt for 4 different styles. The choices we selected  would be the Mounted Prints, Posters, Collage Posters and Photobook. We will be using photos from our recent Margaret River trip for this 'project'.

Mounted Prints

Ever wanted to wake up and be transported back to the holidays everyday?

You could either have dreams every night on vacations or you could simply order a mounted print from Photojaanic and display in your bedroom.

The mounted prints from Photojaanic is similar to canvas print. The difference is the type of material use. For the mounted prints, good quality print on premium glossy paper is used instead.  It is also coated with water resistance silk finishing with gallery wrap framing method to add a touch of class.

Ready to Mount
It is mounted on a frame with a wall mount hook for you to  hang anyway  The advantage is that you can hang the picture on its own like a canvas print as opposed to getting a picture frame to hang it. At 1/3 the price of  canvas mount prints , it was an easy option to choose for the budget conscious

 To order, simply do the following

  • Select the size of the mounted print
  • Choose your photo to be print
  • Submit for payment
As easy as One, Two , Three

The final outcome

The mounted print we received was up to our expectations. The colours were more vibrant than expected, so do tone down on saturation when you submit the photo. Overall, it is a deserving replacement for Canvas.If you are looking for Canvas printing in Singapore , Photojaanic can be an option as well. Mounted prints are available in sizes from 6 x6 to 16 x 20. Prices starts from $21.49

A cheaper option to consider would be posters. Unlike the normal posters that comes with rough paper, the posters that are produced from Photojaanic are of high quality thick paper with a gloss finish. The quality is similar to photo prints you get from photo shops. Photojaanic does not compromise on quality here.
Wall art

Making your own poster is an easy peasy process.
  • Choose your size
  • Select from 20 different templates or make your own
  • Select your photo and submit

The final outcome
Posters from Photojaanic

We love the high quality prints. You can use them on its own or frame them for display. If you are looking to create budget prints for weddings, birthdays or special events, this will be an excellent option. It comes it sizes from 12 x16 to as large as 20 x 30. Price starts at $6.99.

Collage Posters

If you need more than one photo and would like to produce a collage print, choose the collage poster option. The quality is similar to posters with high quality thick paper and gloss finishing. An additional plus size is that you could create sizes as large as 20 x 30.
Collage Posters from Photojaanic

How to create a collage posters
  • Choose your size
  • Select from 20 preset templates . You could edit the format if needed
  • Select your photos and submit.

The final outcome

We were pleased with the outcome of the collage photos. We found a frame to hang it up and it looks great on the hallway. You can also make a single photo using the larger size. It will make great holiday prints or even wedding portraits!

A photobook is another great option to consider. The advantage of a photobook is that you can choose several photos in one package. You have the option to add more pages should you desire. On average , we took 500 photos per trip. It will be hard to fill the room with 500 mounted prints or posters so a photobook in the size of a coffee book will be handy. Not only it puts lovely memories into print, it also makes a great conversational piece when you have guests around the house.

Creating a photobook is a breeze.

  • Start from choosing the size of the photobook. We reckon an 8 X 8 photobook would be great. It will be big enough to display your photos and portable enough to bring it anywhere you want
  • Select the type of cover. There are hardcover and softcovers. You can choose between image wrap or dustjacket.
  • Select the template for the book. The templates on the website allows you to have different configurations on the photobook. Choose the one with the most photos should you have a lot of photos like us. You can always edit the photos thereafter. If space runs out, just add more pages. Uploading the photos might take a while so it is best to save your work once it is done.
Edit the layout and text==
  • Edit the layout and text
  • Submit the item and payment

The final outcome

We loved how the photobook turned out at the end of the day. The photos were printed on high grade luster silk paper that made the photos pop. Compared to other photobooks we had tried, the quality  is top class. During our ordering, Photojaanicc had send us an email to us to let us know our cover page photo has a flaw in it. We love how the customer service is proactive to check the final product rather than to simply print from order. The issue was rectified and we were more than happy with the result and process.

The items were delivered within a week from ordering. We were impress with the the speed of delivery. Our items arrived intact and damage free as they were well protected for deliveries. We will definitely keep this Photojaanic in mind for our next holidays!

If you are keen to immortalize your memories, head down to Photojaanic .They are having a National Day sale with deals up to 50 % off!

Offer last till 10 Aug 2017.

National Day Sales @ Photojaanic

TWD was offered the above items for review purpose. All prices and options are as of 1 Aug 2017.

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