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Shoe Solutions from is:Shoe

I have more shoes than anyone will ever know.

Open your shoe cabinets. You would probably be surprise by what you see. For someone with only a pair for feet, you probably have more than enough shoes in rotation to last you a week. Some would even have shoes that last every day of a month ( We know someone in the house who does😅 ) 

Unfortunately, when we first renovated the house, we underestimated the number of shoes the combine members in the family would have. The boys in the family would have to be contented with finding spots in the house for their shoes. Sometimes the chosen spot might end up looking like this at the end of the day....

The Mess
Thus, when is:Shoe offers to solve our shoe issue, we gladly welcome the challenge. That is until we saw what was delivered.

Elenor Premium Plastic Shoe Box
is:SHOE Elenor Premium Plastic Shoe Box

Ok... can someone tell me how does 2 flat plastics sheets and the other plastic trays can solve the problem?

After 20 seconds of figuring out , the items magically transform into a show box. Cool huh?

is:SHOE Elenor Premium Plastic Shoe Box
Well , in reality, it probably take just as long to assemble the box. The box is easily assembled and of reasonable quality. The edges might not align fully but it serve its functions.

You can even stack them up and the final outcome will be like this...
Shoe Issue Solved by isShoe
Tata.. our mess was cleared in a jiffy.

The Elenor Premium Plastic Shoe has a distinctively thicker Elanor plastic. Don't mistaken for the cheaper option available. The shoe box offers a drop front cover. Each measures  23.5(W) 34(L) 13.5(H)cm. Colours available include white, sky grey and pink!

Access to the shoes was pretty easy with a little nudge. There are holes in front to assist, as well as providing ventilation to the shoes. Stacking can be flimsy and you probably need double sided tissue tape to secure them. However , at $8 per box, it is a steal.

isShoe Ador Drop Front Shoe Box
Ador Drop Box Front Shoes Box
As nice as the Elenor box is , it is a tad short to fit the missus high heel shoes in. If you  are looking for a shoe box to fit those 3 inch heels, the Ador Drop Front Shoe Box is the one to get. Do be warn, anything longer than a 4 inch heels may be a stretch.  In addition, it is big enough to store men's shoes up to US 13 size. Dimensions of the box are 29(W) x 29(L) x18 (H)cm
is:Shoes Ador drop front shoe box
The Ador drop front shoes box comes with a drop front access. It can easily stack up to 16 boxes or more. Compared to the Elenor shoe box, the stacking structure and the drop box are much steadier. If you are displaying shoes in the living room, this version will be more ideal given its style and construction. Each box comes per-assembled.

We love the clear door display. This will be great as a display for your favourite shoes!

Each box cost $18 . But 6 or more at $16. If you have space is the house, you might even consider a shoe wall as shown before. At 16 x10  box combinations, you would need 160 boxes. At $2560 net price, it would be cheaper than to make a customised shoe rack. Moreover, all your shoe collections can be beautifully displayed.

The Missus would be happy that I have that idea in the head. Perhaps the next renovation?
Stackable Ador Drop Front shoe box : Source
Japan Jewel Shoe Eraser
Shoe Eraser
Having shoe storage is one way to solve part of the shoe issues in the house. Maintaining the shoes in tip top conditions is also a challenge for us. This is once white school shoes. No matter how we wash it, the sole remain stubbornly off white. With the Japan Jewel Shoe Eraser, these marks will come off and leave your shoes with again!

Get these miracle white shoe cleaners at $16 each.
Japan Jewel Shoe Eraser in action : Source

It you have a pair of designers sneakers in white, you need not fear to wear it to prevent stains anymore. It is time to bring those pairs out of the shoe box and enjoy them!

isShoe Remove : Active Carbon Deodorizer

Other than dirty shoes, sometimes you do get smelly shoes as well. For shoes that are worn without socks, the moisture builds up and could cause odor. The solution is the simple active carbon deodorizer that remove moisture, anti-fungal, remove odours and environmentally friendly.

At only $4.90 per deodorizer, it is a cheap price to pay to have an stink free room.

Repulse Hydrophobic Spray

Repulse Hydrophobic Spray
When we first saw the name of the product, Ironman was the first thing that comes into mind. After all, repulsors are the main weapons used by Iron Man. The technology in this can is actually just as impressive. This 250ml hydrophobic spray repels liquid , waterproofing your favourite shoes!

It can be use on suede, nubuck, canvas, cotton , nylon and leather. It last for about 2 to 3 weeks so it would be perfect if you are only wearing one pair of shoes for that  holidays.

Ecoblack Plastic Shoe Tree
Ecoblack Plastic Shoe Tree
A shoe tree?
A tree that grows in shoe?

Actually, shoe tree is a device shape in the size of the foot  inside the shoe to preserve its shape. It is a more classy alternative to newspapers you stuff to keep the shape of the shoes. Shoes trees are known as such as it was made of made in the past.

However, wood can be chunky, if you want an alternative, the Ecoblack Plastic Shoe Tree is a good option. It is especially good for traveling due to its construction. Price from $4.2 per pair, it is available in 2 sizes for men and women (or kids). The sizes are fully adjustable from EUR 34 to EUR 45   If you want the atas version, isShoe also sell the Atlas Cedar wood version that helps prevent fungal growth due to the moisture -absorption from the cedar wood.

Bellissimo Shoe Brush
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For the finishing touch, the Bellissimo shoe brush is perfect for showing some love to leather's shoe. The 100% Horse Hair brush gives the shoe a decent clean for the start of a new day's of work.

You can get a touch of class  at $13.90

For a wholesome shoe care journey, isShoes will provide you with solutions to your shoes's issues.
If you are interested in shoe racks, they are also available at is:Shoes
As a bonus for our readers, isShoes has provided a discount off for all shoe care and shoe storage products.

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Grab your solutions to shoe issues here!

TWD were provided a selection of is:SHOE products for the review. All prices and size are correct as of Aug 1 2017.

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