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Fly me to the Moon with Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Mooncakes

Fly me to the moon...

Mid-autumn festival takes place on 4 Oct this year. The festival takes place annually on the fifteenth day of the eight lunar month.The origins of this festival is link to several traditions, such as appreciating the moon on Mid-Autumn festival to folklores base on the legends of Lady Chang'e and Hou Yi. and other events.

For celebration of this festival, these are essential
1) A night for gazing to the moon
2) Bringing lanterns for a walk under the moon
3) Admiring Lantern displays at Gardens by the Bay or Chinese Gardens 
4) Eating mooncakes.

For us, the last one would be one to savour. When Crowne Plaza @ Chang Airport decided to fly us to the moon with a mooncakes offering, we gladly took the trip.

For this upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, Crowne Plaza @ Changi Airport will be offering 3 variations of traditional baked mooncakes and 2 snow skin flavours, Salted Green Bean with Tara and the signature Lychee Bits with while Lotus Paste.

The traditional mooncakes are available in three variations. White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk and White Loutus PAst with Melon seeds.

We tried the White Loutus Paste with Double Egg Yolk and were duly impressed with the smooth textured white lotus paste. The Double Egg Yolk was not overwhelming and provide a fine balance between sweet and savoury.

Smooth White Lotus Paste

The mooncakes selected are packaged in a limited edition travel-theme suitcase series. A well apt theme given Crowne Plaza @ Changi Airport location. These suitcases can be re-purposed for other uses by removing the inserts.

We think it would be a great idea to use this as a mini carry on for the kids while they are travelling. You could put activities to keep them occupied during the trip or even fill it with their favourite toys when you reach you destination. 

The versatility of the case get a big thumbs up from The Wacky Duo!
The selection of mooncakes retails from $70 onwards. As a treat to our readers, book directly from Crowne Plaza online store for a 25 % discount * 

TWD was provided a set of mooncakes for review. All opinions are of our own. 
* T& C Applies

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