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Just Fly it Glider Workshop Review

"Let's build our own planes! "

That pitch got The Wacky Duo hooked. Without hesitation , they readily agreed to the media invite by Just Fly It to an aero-modelling session.

Technically it is not an aeroplane building session but a mini glider workshop . This 2-3 hours session consist of 3 parts. A technical session on the basics of flights , the glider building session and finally a test flight at Bishan Park.

Part 1 : Briefing
Parts of a glider
We head to Just Fly it at Blk 214 , Bishan St 23 for our first aero-modelling class. Held in the bomb shelter of a HDB block, we gamely bunker down and started on our lesson on building our fleet of gliders. This mini glider workshop is targeted at Lower primary school kids. During the session, they learn about parts of a glider as well as how plane operates with terms such as barrel roll, pitch and yaw. It is an interesting way to introduce the concept of flying to younger kids.

We had the technical session with trainer Joyce. We could see how enthusiastic she was on flying , sharing her personal experiences on flight. The technical session was useful but as this workshop was aimed at lower primary and above kids, we did felt that the over 1 hour 'briefing' was a tad long to hold interest of the younger kids with shorter attention span.

Part 2 :  Building the Glider

Thankfully, the restlessness east as soon as the kids were introduced to treasures ' hidden' under their desk. Packages of Balsa wood were found and that will be used to build their own personalised gliders.

Wacky 747
The building time was almost as long as the lecture. However, this time round, there was no complain as the children (and parents) designed and craft their own gliders in this parent and child workshop. Instructions and tips were given for us to build an efficient glider.
The Wacky Duo craft
After putting our personalized touch on the wings and fuselage, our planes are ready to fly!

A group shot before our test flight.
Gliders airport
Part 3 :  Flight Time

After the build, the whole group headed out to the nearby Bishan park to test our flight.

Ready to take off

Our gliders may not fly as far as we would like, but it did highlighted how important it is to be precise in building the gliders. We would have love to have more building time to complete the gliders for this session, but given that each session was 2-3 hours long, any longer may be too long for younger kids.

Flight time!
Nonetheless, what we had learn in the class would be useful for our own future builds . After all, we are certified glider builders after the course!

The workshop we attended was a parent-child session. This was great as it made it a family bonding session. This basic course is a perfect introduction for younger kids to the world of aero-modelling. You can join more advance course such as building bigger gliders with motors and even training from drone flying!

Head to Just Fly It to see the full courses on offer.

Bishan Street 23 Singapore 570214
Focus Learning Level 1

TWD was invited for a media preview. All opinions are of our own.

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