How to win big prizes at Cow Play Cow Moo @ Suntec City

Want to know the secret to win big prizes at the new Cow Play Cow Moo @ Suntec City?

Cow Play Cow Moo@ Suntec City is reopened after a major revamp. Previously, the arcade center was split into 2 stores at Suntec level 2. One housed the arcade games and the other UFO catchers.

Cow Play Cow Moo @ Suntec City
They had since taken over the vacant lot by Alive Museum on level 3. It is back as one store front that is at least 2 times larger than the the previous version. As of this moment, it is probably the biggest arcade  / claw catcher  center in town. Being avid arcade fans, we just had to explore this new mega arcade.

UFO Catcher Games
UFO catcher @ Cow Play Cow Moo
If you are following our Instagram account, you would probably come across our UFO catcher escapades. We even wrote a post about UFO catcher tips. We may not be pros but we do have enough catches under our belt to provide you with decent tips.
Original Plushies from Japan
Cow Play Cow Moo has a whole room devoted to UFO Catching. This is probably the paradise UFO catchers in Singapore are looking for. Ironically, if you are looking for big prizes at Cow Play Cow Moo, this is not the place to get it.
Our tips may not work here...

In honestly, we prefer the UFO Catchers in Japan. The main reason is that they are a lot more playable.

Save me!
However if you play for a fix number of times consecitively and cannot win the prize the normal way, it will be given to you! Just let the staff know first.
Winners Guaranteed
If you really want to catch toys the legit way in Cow Play Cow Moo, your best bet for a win is at the Big Sweet town toys machines. We always managed to catch a small plushie from this machine.
Big Sweet Town

Arcade Games
Arcade games at Cow Play Cow Moo

If you want big prizes. this is the place to play for it. There may be other arcade chains in Singapore but what makes this place stands out is the use of tickets and tokens instead of e-cards.  This old school style of play is what we love about Cow Play Cow Moo.

With over 200 games in CPCM, you will be spoil for choice when it comes to arcading.

Hitting the jackpot in one of this machine is a feeling that is full of euphoric and joy. Whenever a jackpot is hit, hundreds if not thousands of tickets will come out of the machine. It is a tree killer, but the feeling is pretty addictive for you to have another go at it.
Arcade games at Cow Play Cow Moo
You can find plenty of arcade games here. From old school arcade to newer machines featured on our favourite Youtbe channels Plush Time Wins and Crane Couple. It is hard for arcade fans not to fall in love with this place.

Prize Station

Cow Play Cow Moo has by far , the largest and most tempting prize station. There is a wide selection of toys to choose from ranging from board games, plushies and collectables from Japan. There are also electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones to choose from. It is like walking into a shop, but you have to use tickets instead of cash to pay.

Prizes can range from 150 for a lollipop to as much as 294 000 or more  for a handphone. The prizes seem authentic and not the knock off imitations you find in other arcades. Totally legit.
Win Handphones!
Before we give you tips on how to win big at Cow Play Cow Moo, here is a sneak peek at what you can win from the prize area.
Prizes at Cow Play Cow Moo
Tofu anyone?


How to win Big Prizes?

From our experience, $20 spend would probably reap you 3000-5000 tickets for a casual arcade player. As big decent prizes  can cost 10000 upwards.So how do you maximise you ticket counts?

1 Maximize your tokens

You can change for tokens in denominations of $2, $5 ,$10 or $20. It is best to change $20 at one go as it gives you an additional $5 worth of extra tokens, making each token worth $0.16 cents. There are games that allows you to play with just one token too!

2 Go for card games

There are 2 card games machines. The Jellylab Minions and the Spongebox Pineapple arcade.

The aim of the game is to collect as many cards as you could. Collect a set of cards and you can upsize your bonus.

Minions Jellylab - Each card is worth 250 tickets. 
One set (7cards) - 5000 tickets vs 1750 tickets individually

Spongebox Pineapple card - Each card is worth 400tickets
One set (9 cards) - 7500 tickets vs 3600 tickets individually

Accumulate your cards to get bigger prizes. The catch is that some cards are rarer than others so you need to keep a look out for such cards.

3 Grab the opportunities

This brings us to the next point, grab your opportunities. Sometimes you would find machines with situations like the above. The rare card for Spongebox Pineapple Arcade is Gary and the Minions Jellylab is the Evil Minion. If you see one of them on the edge and ready to fall, do not hesitate!

There are other machines too that requires several plays for a jackpot. Sometimes, the games will be abandon by previous players before Jackpot is reach. Easy Jackpot wins are possible if you spot one of this machine.
Jackpot on the edge.

4 Try your luck!
You never know until you try. On a few occasions, we hit the Jackpot base purely on luck. Theoretically, you can win thousands of jackpot with just one try in some machines.
Monster Jackpot

5 Practise makes perfect
If you try a game long enough, you probably can master it. Some games are timing base, so get it right and it is Jackpot all the time!
Super Jackpot Party!

6 Spend alot of money
Ok, if you spend alot of money, any prizes would be within your reach. We do recommend cautious on this strategy as arcade is meant for fun and not as a shopping mall.

Tickets Tickets Tickets

With a lucky streak and good strategy, it is possible to win 10000-20000 tickets with $20. That would get you a decent toy or a mid size plushie (about 14000-18000 tickets). It is not about the prizes, rather it is the fun you get when playing arcade. It can be highly addictive, so do have fun in moderation. From our viewpoint, it is best to experience arcade games for what it is ... a stress reliever!

We won!
Do note that it does get extremely crowded during weekends. Expect long queues for tokens and tickets. The tickets in the machine also runs out pretty fast so you need to grab the technician attention to rectify it. It is best to go during off peak hours!

Check out our video review of Cow Play Cow Moo here.

Cow Play Cow Moo
Suntec City
Level 3  (Next to GV) 

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