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Margaret River Animal Farms : Country Life Farm vs Sunflowers Animal Farm vs Wonky Windmill

It's time to explore Margaret River animal farms!

During our last trip to Margaret River, we decided to explore the 3 most popular farms in the region. Wonky Windmill, Country Life Farm and Sunflowers farm were on our radar. If you have limited time in Margaret River and have only time to visit one farm, this mini-guide will allow you to decide which farm is the best for you.

Wonky Windmill Farm and Eco Park: Authentic farm experience
218 Yelverton Nth Rd
Admission : Adult - 16 + ($12) Child ($10) Under 2 (Free)* 
Wonky Windmill
Our first stop was Wonky Windmill. Wonky Windmill was established in 2007. The farm animals are house in vast farmlands with plenty of space to roam. If you are looking for an authentic farm experience, this will be it.
Acres of Space
Set in 130 acres of land, this is a spacious farm. Step into Wonky Windmill and you will find yourself immersed in its natural setting.

Feeding tome
The farm animals are clearly the main focus on this farm. There are no playgrounds but plenty of animals you can find at Wonky Windmill. Here you can see Emus, goats, sheep, cows and pretty Alpacas.

Alpacas a Wonky Windmill
You will be given a free bag of animal food to feed the farm animals. Bottle-Feeding an orphan lamb or even a baby goat if available.

Feeding time
Other than feeding the animals, you can even cuddle a rabbit or guinea pig
Wonky Windmill will make a good stop for families looking for farm animals in a natural setting. With plenty of space to walk around, a morning or afternoon trip would be great for the kids. There is a small area just beside the farm for kids to play too.
Wonky Windmill

Great for
  • Farm animals in a natural setting
  • Variety of farm animals to feed.

Acres of Space

Country Life Farm: Mixing Farm with fun
1694 Caves Road, Dunsborough Western Australia
Admission : Adult ($20), Child ($18) Under 2 (Free)*

Country Life Farm
Mixing farm and fun is what best describe Country Life Farm. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for entertainment for the family, Country Life Farm is a good place to start your adventure.
Country Life Farm sheep

There are farm animals like rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, cows and alpacas in Country Life farm. Most of the bigger animals are located at the entrance.
Country Life farm

You can even find exotic highland cattle on the farm.
Compared to Wonky Windmill, the animals are centrally located. There are less space for you to walk around the farm. In fact, it was a 'fast walk' compared to Wonky Windmill.

I Bite
If you are interested in smaller animals, head to the enclosed area where you can find rabbits, guinea pigs and birds in there.
The main reason for the lesser space is that there are plenty of activities for kids around the farm.
Merry Go Round @ Country Life Farm
For younger kids, the Merry Go Round, bouncy castle and the huge indoor playground beckons.

Playground @ Country Life Farm
For other kids, you can opt for a boat ride around the lake or a ride on bumper cars. to sum it up, Country Life Farm is actually a small farm that is big on family-friendly activities around the farm. It is more pricey compared to other farms due to the rides on the farm.
Boat Rides @ Country Life Farm

Great for
  • Kiddy Rides that are included in the admission * 
  • Boat Ride around the lake

Sunflower Animal Farm: Animals Galore
5561 Caves Road, Margaret River 
Admission  : $13.5 per pax. Food Bucket at additional $3 per bucket*

Established in 1999, Sunflower Animal farm has over 350 animals on the farm. Set in 315-acre farmland, this cattle farm is the largest on the list.

Located just off Margaret River town, it is a 5 minutes drive from the heart of Margaret River.

There are plenty of variety of farm animals including horses, peacocks, kangaroos, sheep, Clydesdale rabbits, alpacas, chicks, dogs, pigs, cattle, llamas, geese and more!

Compared to the other 2 farms, Sunflower animal farmhouses the most variety of farm animals.

Feed kangaroos or even bottle feed milk to lambs.
Bottle Feed baby lambs
There are plenty of opportunities to feed and even cuddle the farm animals


The animal enclosure was pretty well maintained. We spotted the keepers doing their work all around the farm. There are some animals such as kangaroos and dogs that are allowed to roam freely, so do keep an eye on the farm.

For the little ones, there is even a playground there for you to enjoy.

Playground @ Country Farm
If you would like to 'extend' your farm visit experience, Sunflowers farm has farm stay accommodation for 5-9 people. Guests enjoy unlimited access to animal farm and free buckets of food.
Farm Stay @ Sunflower Farm

You get to be involved in special activities such as tractor rides and eggs collection during your stay. With prices starting from $129 per night (off-season) *

Farm stay price - Margaret River
Great for
  • A large variety of animals
  • Farm stay

Regardless of the farm, you choose to visit, a farm visit is a must-do experience in Margaret River, Perth.

For more on Margaret River experience, do check out our Self Drive Holiday to Margaret River.

*Price correct at time of post. Refer to the individual farms for further details.

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