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TLC Chicken Little saves the day


'The Sky is Falling!'

Imagine this. You are just a little timid chick, who is afraid of trying out new things due to fear of consequences and lack of courage. One day , you suddenly discovered the sky is falling. You have to venture out of your comfort zone to save the world.

What would you do?

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Chicken Little is the latest musical produced by the awesome The Little Company (TLC) who produce quality play for kids age 2-12.Over the years, TLC had brought life to classics such as Three Little Pigs, Charlotte's Web, Treasure Island, Cat in the Hat and many more. This year, the classic folk tale Chicken Little ( or Henny Penny as it was originally known) comes alive on stage.

About Chicken Little (Source : SRT)
Source: SRT
Life on the farm can be a scary place if you’re poor Chicken Little! Mercilessly teased by her brother and sister for her everyday fearfulness, Chicken Little’s afraid of absolutely everything - even the rain! So when one day she feels something fall on her head, she immediately fears the worst – the sky is falling! But when none of her family hears her plea, she sets about telling the only one who’ll listen to her – The King.

Join Chicken Little on her quest to save her fellow farmyard animals on a journey where she’ll meet a whole host of quirky, vibrant much-loved characters, including Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles and the brave Turkey Lurkey. But with the fearsome Foxy Loxy on the loose, can they make it to the King alive? 

If you have not been to a TLC production, you would have miss the valuable life lessons learn from each of their production. TLC always bring their own personal touches to the plays they produced that are filled with light-hearted cheers and well place messages for kids.

"Take one step at a time "

For Chicken Little, it teaches us to face our fears and in the process. conquer them. We should take our personal challenges one step at a time and overcome them. Along the way, you might even make new friends and learn to work as a team.

More importantly, it is alright to make mistakes than not try at all. After all, you will learn more when you make mistakes than not go through the experiences. The best part, your child can pick up all these positive messages in an hour long lighthearted and engaging colourful musical!

Cast of Chicken Little
Helmed by Alyssa Lie as the expressive Chicken Little, the entire cast of 5 put up a commendable performance, especially when it comes to scenes where they perform as a group. Our favourite and  regular TLC cast Ann Lek (we have caught her in previous TLC production such as Treasure Island, Charlotte Web, The Nightingale and Three little Pigs) shines as the Ducky Daddles. Another crowd favourite Dwayne Lau gave a hilarious performance as Cocky Locky. TLC debutantes Crenshaw Yeo, Natalie Yep and lead Alyssa Lie held their own in a strong performance.

Going to a TLC performance during year end holiday has always been a tradition for us , and for good reasons too. If you have young kids age 2-12, it is highly recommended that you bring them to a TLC performance.

Who knows?

It may be your family tradition in time to come.

Here is what the cast of Chicken Little has to say about the play.

Chicken Little
KC arts Center - Home of SRT
25 Oct - 8 Dec 2017

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