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10 Reasons to have a family vacation in Rawai, Phuket

Why Rawai, Phuket?

For tourists heading to Phuket for holiday, Patong would be the usual destination for accommodation. To be honest, Patong had become very commercialised and may not be ideal for someone looking for an idyllic getaway. 

If you are looking for a place in Phuket that is relatively light on tourist traps, Rawai is the place to go to. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Rawai as your next Phuket holiday destination.

1 Island hopping from Rawai Beach

Rawai beach is the first tourist spot to open in Phuket. Today it is now a working beach where longtails and boats are available for rental to nearby islands like Koh Bon (Bon Island) and Ko He (Coral Island). If you are lucky, you might even get a whole island to yourself during the offseason.
Rawai Pier
2 Eat at Rawai Seafood Market

Choose your seafood
Originally known as the Sea Gypsies Fish Market, the market has a slight upgrade while retaining its charm.

Rawai Seafood Market
Choose your seafood from one side of the road and bring it to the other side for the restaurants to cook a sumptuous dish for you.
Rawai Seafood Market
3 Enjoy a family holiday in Rawai VIP Villa
Rawai VIP Villa

Travelling with the extended family of 10? 

Book a Villa with Rawai VIP Villa to house everyone under one roof. Offering 2 to 6 bedroom combination, it can easily accommodate large families. Compared to other parts of Phuket, this is a rarity. 
As a bonus, each room comes with your own private pool. How cool is that?

4 Kids would love Rawai Park

Rawai Park
If you are travelling with kids, Rawai Park will be a godsend. At Rawai Park, there are water playgrounds, shaded indoor playgrounds, outdoor obstacle courses, toddler's play area and more for kids. Suitable for kids age 10 and under, this is the perfect spot to park your kids in the afternoon. 
Rawai Park
Have a drink and watch the kids have their share of fun at Love  Rawai Cafe while you are there.

Love Rawai Cafe

5 Have a candlelight meal by the beach

Dine by the beach at Rawai

Other than Rawai Seafood Market, you can also choose to dine by the beach. Choose from traditional seafood restaurants or alternatives like Nikita's. Dining by the beach under the stars is a must-do at Rawai.

6 Foodie delight at Rawai

Rawai Seafood
Lining the main road are a mix of local and international restaurants in Rawai.
Rawai Bakery
One thing for sure is that you will never go hungry in Rawai


7 Massage your blues away

Sabai Massage
Massage your blues away at Sabai Massage and Kim's/ 
With an hour-long foot massage at only 300 thb (SGD 12), it is a great value for money. 
We recommend an hour-long oil massage (400thb) to add to the foot massage. You will feel pampered at the end of the treatment.

Kim's Massage Rawai

8 Visit Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape
Promthep Cape is one of the major tourist attraction in Phuket. It is only a 5 minutes drive away from Rawai Beach. Perfect to start your Phuket Sightseeing.
Promthep Cape

9 See Seashell at Phuket Seashell Museum

Source: Google Map

See Phuket's largest collection of Seashell at Phuket Seashell Museum

10 Visit Rawai most happening bar
If you want a safe and tame go-go bar experience, Sunshine bar is the place to go. Located opposite the restaurants by the beach, you can simply sit across the road, have your dinner and enjoy the sights on the other side of the road.

BONUS Section - Day Trips from Rawai
Explore Phuket
If you want more activities, use Rawai as your starting point for day trips. Here are some suggestions

Visit the hustle and bustle Patong (35 mins Drive)

Go shopping, explore Patong nightlife or even have a game of bowling for kids at Patong.\

Play mini-golf at Kata (20 mins)
Mini Golf Kata
Mini Golf and Dinosaur?
Sure hit with the family!

Visit Kata Night Market ( 20 Mins)
Opens Daily. Traditional Market opens on Monday  / Thursday
Kata Night Market
Kata has 2 main markets. The new permanent market that opens daily and the traditional night market that opens on Monday and Thursday. The traditional market is located next to the main market.
Kata Traditional Market

Visit Karon Night Temple Market (25 Mins)
Opens Tues / Friday
Karon Night Market
A lively night market set on the temple ground. You must try the banana pan crepe there!
Thai Banana Pan Crepe

Want more activities for kids in Phuket?
Check out our top things to do for kids in Phuket list.

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