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Science Centre Holiday Activities - Circus, Tinkerfest and The Chipselys in Snow City

Year-end holiday activities at the Science Centre is always a blast.

This year, there is not one, not tow but three highlights to look forward to at the Science Centre.

Circus! Science under the Big Top
28 Oct to 18 March

Science under the Big Top is an all weather exhibition. Themed around the all time kids favourite event, Circus! Science under the Big Top invites visitors to take a closer look at the most mind-boggling and death defying circus acts.

The exhibition features 20 interactive exhibits. Long snaking queues would be expected for the three meter High Wire and the Elastic Acrobatics for the Trapeze experience.

Other exhibits include a dress up area where you can live your circus dreams

You can even learn a circus trick or two.

 Learn how to juggle, spin a plate and other circus acts at the exhibition.

Head under the purple big top to discover more Circus oddities

Here you can see if you can be a contortionist

and see what happens in your body when you swallow a sword!

 There are plenty of small interactive stations to discover at Circus!

Before you leave, take a nose test for your favourite Big Top food. Even if you cannot taste the food, you can have free smells!

Billed as the largest series of the year, this blockbuster exhibition will be open from 28 Oct to 18 March. During weekends, you can even see magic performances at 330pm. Admission to the event is priced at $15 per child and $18 per adult. Family bundles at $52 are available for a family of four ( 2 adults and 2 kids)

Tinkerfest: Flights of Fancy
Nov 27 - Dec 3 

During the holiday season from Nov 27 - Dec 3, there will be a Tinkerfest : Flights of Fancy workshops. Specially curated workshops on flights include Make Paper Fly, Spin and Fly, Kite-making, Flying Automata and Egg Drop Challenge.

Can you save the egg
We previewed the Egg Drop Challenge where we have to drop a fragile egg from height and make sure it landed safely.

A real egg was used for this activity. We named it Humpty. Will it survive the fall?

Using an assortment of materials provided, we raced through time to create the perfect capsule for Humpty.
When it is done, it is time for the Egg Drop Challenge. Will our egg survive?

 In the end, Humpty suffered like his namesake.

The workshops are recommended for different age groups ranging from 3-10 or 4-10. They can be done as a parent and child combination or just a child . Prices starts at $30 for a parent child combo to $15 for individual child. Price includes any applicable Science Centre admission fees.

Workshops details
Spin and Fly 
Tues 28 Nov 1030am-1230pm Ages 4-10

Make your own motorised plane and fly!

Egg Drop Challenge 
Wed 29 Nov 1030am-1230pm Ages 4-10

Protect an egg and drop from height . Will it survive?

Thurs 30 Nov 1030am-1230 pm Ages 4-10

Make your own kite and soar like a flying dragon

Flying Automata
Fri 1 Dec 1030am-1230pm Ages 6-10

Learn how to build amazing mechanisms imitating wings movement or small flying opbject

Other than the workshops, there are also a series of activities such as building your own parachute and flying saucer.You should receive  an activity card for these activities. Complete them and get your card stamp in exchange for a badge.

Artic Express with Chipsleys @ Snow City
4 Nov - 31 Dec

Last but not least, hope on board the Arctic express in Snow City and go on an adventure to the North Pole with the Chipsleys.

Grab a card and make pit stops in Snow City. There are various activities at different country station s such as Singapore , where you meet the National Icon and Scotland , where you test your mini golf skills on ice!

There will also be Santa appearance and activities such as Snow Blizzard, Snow fall and MEet & Greet Chipsley and Oki

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Artic Express with the Chipsleys @ Snow City will be from 4 Nov to 31 Dec. Activities are free for Snow City Ticket holders

Check out our video for the various activities at Science Centre this holidays!

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