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honestbee Laundry Review + Discount Code

Time to clean up for Christmas!

This is the season to be jolly and it is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. During the clean-up, we could not figure out how to wash our textured cushion cases. Thus, we decided to head online to find a solution.

honestbee Laundry
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We discovered honestbee Laundry during our search. Having tried convenience grocery shopping from honestbee, we decided to use their services for Laundry as well. If you are doing spring cleaning , you will be interested to know that honestbeeLaundry will be able to handle your bed-sheets, quilt cover, comforter, blanket, cushion cover, bath towel, mattress protector ,table cloth and even cushion cover. It is ideal for those lacking time and space to clean the essentials before the festive season.

Wide Choice of Cleaning available
Given the reasonable prices they had compared to our neighbourhood laundry service, it was a no-brainer to throw in a few shirts, dresses and jackets we intended to wear for the festive holidays for laundry

Easy as 1-2-3 , how to order laundry?

Honest Bee Laundry can only be accessible on the honestbee App (ios and Andriod)

There are 5 different options you can choose from
Premium Dry Clean: Dry cleaning using eco-friendly solvent.
Dry Clean: Standard Dry Clean
Wash & Iron: For items that do not need dry clean
Iron only: For ironing only
Wash & Fold: Wash and fold by weight. Price per Kg

1 Choose the Service you want
2 Add the number of items to be clean
3 Choose delivery and pick up time

There you are good to go. Simply handover your items to the pick up crew from Honest Bee and you are done. Dry clean items will be returned in 2 days. Like we said, easy as 1-2-3.


This is where we found honestbee to be a market leader. Prices starting from $3, are comparable or even better than laundry shops. For example, Winter Jackets are quoted at $19.90 ( Dry Clean) compared to the $25-$35 quotes we had from brick and mortar establishments. Moreover, the items are picked up and delivered at your doorsteps, saving you the hassle and additional cost on parking and petrol. It's a win-win solution for us!

PS:  We will definitely use honestbee for our winter clothes after our holiday trips. Good lobang, must share.

Great Pricing for Winter Clothes
To sweeten the deal, there are discount codes on the app for your use. We have an even better treat for the readers. Simply key in WACKY15 and get $15 wash with minimum of of $25. That means if you used the service for $25, you only pay $10!


The convenience of on demand laundry services, with island pick up and wide delivery will be a boon to busy parents. Scheduled pickup time is for a period of one hour and delivery is done in 2 days. This is probably the fastest in the market. To be honest, we could not even get that kind of turnaround time in the Brick and Mortar outlets. If you have an emergency laundry to be done, Honest Bee would be the choice laundry service to use.

Our honestbee delivery man came on time for both pickup and delivery. No mean feat considering it was raining cats and dogs when the items were delivered.

Due to the meticulous packaging, our clothes were returned dry and well pressed in 2 days' time. It may be our first wash from honestbee Laundry, but it is starting to look like it will be a long-term relationship.

Want to start using the service?

Head here to download the honestbee App and start !

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