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Mason Home Decor : How to choose your Christmas Tree + Giveaway!

Christmas is coming!

In many homes across Singapore, you will see lights sparkling through the living room. This is the season to dust off your Christmas trees and start decorating. There will be new home owners who are looking to get a new tree or households that want one to replace the old one. In Singapore, it is common for people to search for artificial trees instead of real trees due to space constraints and weather. With so many variation of trees in the market, how do you choose the right one?

Partnering with Masons Home Decor, we bring you tips on how to choose the right Christmas Tree for your home.

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree

Choosing a tree suitable for your home is not simply a click and buy process. Consider the following factors when you choose the tree

Size of Tree
Would you want a 5 ft tree or a 12 feet tree. The former will be great for small rooms while the latter would look majestic in a double volume room. For most houses, a 5-7ft tree would work in these circumstances. You can also place a box under the tree to make it taller than it originally was. 

Colour of Tree
Green or White, Dark or Light. Personally we like the trees Green with darker shades as they look more traditional and realistic.

Types of Tree
Christmas trees comes in all shapes and kind. There are the traditional Alpine tree, the slim Colorado Pine,  the lush Cashmere Pine, the Giant Needle Pine or the premier Balsam Fir version

Reputable Sellers
When sourcing for trees, go for reputable sellers . There are plenty of cheaper trees in the market from retailers from Qoo10. However, in terms of quality , they pale in comparison to reputable companies. If you are shopping online, you might want to check out stores like Masons Home Decor that had been in the business of selling Christmas Trees for a period of time.
Masons Home Decor

Masons Home Decor is one stop shop to get your Christmas Tree, ornaments and decorations. The trees from Masons are modeled after real life Christmas Trees. The trees are hyper realistic and of high quality. The trees comes with 'East Open' technology that neatly folds out for quick assembly. We had visited their warehouse and can verify that the Christmas trees are as good as what you see on their website.
Christmas Trees from Masons Home Decor
Still unsure which tree suit you, here is a rundown of their popular trees .

The Traditional Tree - Ariostea Alpine Tree
Arisotea Traditional Pine Tree

Available in 5ft (1.5m) , 6 ft (1.8.m) and 7 ft (2.1m) , The Arisotea is a replica of the popular Alpine Christmas tree sold in Singapore. Unlike the others, the tree is better engineered with 392 tips for 5 feet, 670 tips for 6 ft and 888 tips for 7 ft. It comes in a warmer shade of green for a more realistic look.

Shop here for the Arisotea

The Slim Version - Altaeco Colorado Pine Tree

The tree made for small  apartments, the replica of the Colorado Pine Tree is a perfect fit for a cozy room. Using German engineered technology called FirTech , this slim version is dense and durable , making it a good long term solution for small rooms. Available from 5-7 feet

Shop here for Altaeco

The Lush Look- Amazzonia Cashmere Pine Tree
Amazzonia - Masons Home Decor
The Amazzonia is a replica of the Cashmere Pine Tree. The shade is a tad lighter than most trees and is perfect when decorated with cool coloured ornaments. Available in 6 ft , each tree has 606 tips in density.,

Shop here for the Amazzonia

The Minimalist - Abaco Giant Needle Pine Tree
Abaco Tree-  Masons Home Decor

The Abaco is a replica of Giant Needle Pine tree. Available in 6 ft and 7 ft version, this tree has extremely fine but dense foliage. This tree is meant to be minimalist as it cannot handle too many ornaments on the tree. If you want a simple yet majestic tree, the Abaco will be the choice version.

Shop here for Abaco

The Premium - Arenaria Balsam Fir Tree
Arenaria Balsam Fir - Masons Home DEcor
For those looking for a hyer realistic tree, the  handmade Areneria is close replica of Baslsma Firm Trees. Each Areneria is painstakingly piece together with very dense foliage. It is available from 5 ft with 641 tips to 7 ft with a whopping 1321 tips!

Given the work to make the Areneria, it is priced at a premium. Those with deep pockets can consider this as an option.

Shop here for Arenaria

After getting the tree itself, it is time to decorate the tree. To beautify a tree , you need these main items . All items are source from Masons Home Decor

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights are essential to light up the tree at night. The lighted Christmas tree as a beacon for family members to gather around it during the festive period. Pro tip for decoration... always put the Christmas lights first before anything else.


Baubles form the main component for Christmas Tree decoration. Get one that fits the colour theme of the trees.

Shop here for Baubles

Reindeer baubles
For cool version, choose white an blue baubles. For warm version, choose yellow or red baubles.

Tree Picks
Tree Picks

Once the baubles are up, spice it up with tree picks. Add pine cones and coloured leaves to beautify the Christmas Tree.

Shop here for Tree Picks

Pine Cones

Tree Toppers
Tree Topper

Last but not least, complete the Christmas Tree with a tree topper. The traditional star will be our choice for tree topper.

Shop here for Tree Toppers

If you are not sure what ornaments to choose, Masons Home Decor also set Christmas Tree Bundle that will provide you with a starter set for the Christmas tree you choose.

Alternatively, choose between their cool and warm theme decorations that are specially curated for the trees you choose. The decorations differs for trees of different size, making it easy for you to get everything at one go.

Shop for special theme ornaments here

After deliberation, we decided to get the Amazzonia Cashmere Tree for the house. The tree and ornaments arrived in time with all the orders in place and not an item missing. We are already impressed!

Setting up the tree was a breeze given it's 'Easy-Open ' feature.  The tree itself was set up in about 5 minutes.

We choose a few baubles and tree picks from Masons Home Decor to complete the tree.
Decorations from Masons Home Decor
Since it is a one stop shop, you can get everything you need for Christmas Tree Decoration.

Unlike the cookie-cutter trees with similar baubles and a couple of similar tree picks on the tree, we decided to add different elements of silver, blue and Tiffany blue for a touch of cool and classy tree.

Making a tree is a family affair. So with a little help from everyone, the tree is ready within an hour!

The tree turned out to be a luxurious blend of blue and silver. We love how the leaves looked icy green when the lights were lit. We reckon our tree is one of a kind. Now we just need to add presents under the tree. All contributions welcome!
Masons Home Decor :  Christmas Tree
What do you think of our Christmas Tree?


As a special treat to readers, Masons Home Decor will provide a Christmas Tree for Giveaway!
This is not just a tree, but a special bundle with LED Strings Lights, Baubles and Tree topper (total value retails at $249.9!) to get you started on making your own Christmas Tree!

Winner will get to select either a Premium Dense Arioseta Alipne (6ft) Bundle or a Premium Slim Altaeco Colorado (ft) Bundle. Click on the respective links to see the bundle.

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TWD was provided a Christmas Tree for review. Giveaway sponsored by Masons Home Decor


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