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The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival - Singapore's Largest Carnival opens on 8 dec

When we first saw this , our heads jaws drop.

Just one word- EPIC!

We had been long time carnival / arcade fans and when we got wind of the news that a super large carnival will open on Marina Bay, we just have to put this up. Compare the photo to the one we took at Uncle Ringo's carnival during ilights (See below), this is going to be massive!
i Light Marina Bay

There will be over 40 thrill rides and games with plenty of food options .

Here is a brief of what to expect.


Star Flyer : 35 Metre Tall Tower Ride with 360 degree view of the Marina Bay

Source : The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Booster Max : A 55 meters tall pendulum ride that goes round and round . Guaranteed for you to feel the G Force!
Source : The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Cyclone Coster : Classic Coaster Ride
Source : The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

These rides are not your typical Uncle Ringo carnival. The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival rides and games are owned by an international community of showmen of 22 nationalities. Expect an atmosphere akin to Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park and The Great European Carnival in Hong Kong.

In other words... Massive!

Carnival Games
From iLights Marina Bay
 What we are most excited about are the carnival games and we expect plenty there!

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival officially opens on 8 Dec and will run till 1 April (Yep, this is no april fool's joke). At this point, we had already decided to make multiple trips there for the carnival games. We would imagine that we have to jostle with the stress out office crowd located opposite the road for a place to chill. Admission is free, but you would have to purchase credits on site or online.  Rides and games starts from $4.

There are ticket packages you can get from Klook.

Discounted Tickets
  • 1 Token Card (with SGD35 credit) + 2 Tiger Beers or 4 non alcoholic drinks redemption.
Express Queue
An express pass to rides, skip the queues!

Get your tickets here

Express Queue at $30 

Quote MBCFIVE to get additional $5 off! 

Marina Bay Carnival
8 Dec - 1 April
The Promontory @ Marina Bay
4pm-11pm daily ,3pm -2 am on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day

Let's hope it will be as good if not better than the carnivals we had seen in youtube ( check here and here) Can't wait!

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  1. Nice blog!!.
    I really liked the pictures you have shared here with us.
    Star Flyer must be a great ride on that. 35 Metre tall tower with 360 degree sometime very scary to as i've fear of hight..LOL
    Nice share once.


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