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Choosing the right Study / office chair : Primero's ErgoSphine

Choosing a comfortable study chair for kids is important.

In a few weeks, its time to bid farewell to holiday and head back to school. Kids spend a lot of their time after school for homework and revision. That means they will be seated at the desk for a few hours per day. A comfortable study chair can increase productivity and reduce strain on the body, especially the back. This applies for office chairs too. It will be a wise decision to invest in a chair that will pamper instead of torturing you. Thanks to Primero, we got to customise our very own chair.

What to look for in a good study chair?

Most parents would buy a chair base on design and price. However, not everything that looks good is functional. On the same note, the $15 plastic chair would not keep a child on it long enough to concentrate on their schoolwork.

Thanks to Primero, we can get the perfect study chair for the room - The Erospine Chair.

Back / Lumbar Support
Compared to the generic office char, the Ergosphine is designed to provide the back with luxurious support. The well-padded yet breathable mesh support gives a lush feel when seated. The ErgoSpine has a central channel that avoids excessive pressure on the bone while the cushions evenly distribute pressure between the left and right back. It is highly recommended for people with back problems and protect the little ones from potential backaches.
Unique Lumbar Support
A unique feature of this chair is the ability to transform the neck support to lumbar support. This is perfect for little ones who may not have a use for neck support due to their height. Utilizing this feature will give them more support for the lower back.

Flexible adjustment

It is common to find an office chair with height and arm adjustment. The same features are in the Ergosphine with add-in options. Besides, other adjustments include the innovative lumbar support, the seat angle and tension control. You could even adjust the back to a 60-degree angle for a quick snooze if needed.
Take a nap on the ErgoSphine

Swivel Base

Some of the chairs that we had experienced had very limited swivel movement. This limited movement may impact us if we constantly need to adjust the body to get what we need. We are happy to report that the swivel base is as smooth as butter on the ErgoSphine

Smooth Wheels

Wheels are important too. We had experiences with chairs that have the wheels locked up. With the ErgoSphine, this is a non-issue. You can roll yourself from one end of the room to another without a glitch.


The ErgoSphine is both functional and a good looker. The fabric used is breathable so you will not feel hot seating on it. You can also choose to Customised your chairs with options like the adjustable armrest, multiple colour options and even upgrade it to glossy PU Leather.

Make the chair your own and it will fit any room design. Want more options, see the full range of ergonomic chairs from Primero.

The final verdict would be base on the end-user. The Wacky Duo certainly approves of the chair and would love another one so they would not fight over one!

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