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Jakarta Radiant World : Claw Catcher Haven

There is a new arcade in town and it is a haven for Claw Catcher.

Let's explore Jakarta Radiant World @ Kallang Wave Mall

If you had read the blog and follow us on Instagram, you would have known that we are avid arcade fans. We do have a special affinity for claw catchers and had even written about tips for UFO catching in Japan. Thus when we learn about Jakarta Radiant World latest opening at Kallang Wave Mall, we just have to pay it a visit.

Jakarta Radiant World  @ Kallang Wave Mall

 Located at Kallang Wave Mall, Jakarta Radiant World is the latest arcade to open in Singapore. The arcade scene had been relatively quiet for the past few years, but it is making a comeback this year with interesting offerings such as Cow Play Cow Moo @ Suntec and Timezone Parkway Parade.  Most of the arcades focus on arcade machines with physical ticket stubs to exchange for prizes.

Jakarta Radiant World interior

Jakarta Radiant World is the new kid in town. You might have heard of the folks as they usually pop up in trade shows with carnival games and battery-operated ride. The centre at Kallang Wave Mall has a focus on Claw catchers in the premises. There are other games available, so read on to find out more.

Claw Catcher
Claw Catcher machines
Unlike the UFO catchers in Japan, Claw catchers are machines with 3 pongs claw. Most machines are dependent on luck rather than skill depending on its payout ratio. At Jakarta Radiant World, the claw machines have added strength and this allows skills to be part of the game too!

Save me!
The claw machines range from small claw catchers with small toys to bigger ones with premium toys. Prices start from a mere 1 token ($0.5) for the smaller machines up to 4 tokens ($2) for the larger ones. It is one of the more affordable claw catchers in town!
Play 12 times- Sure Win
An added touch to fun is the 'Sure-Win' policy. Play for a specific number of times on the same machine. If you do not catch any toy, you can still get one after several tries. This way, everyone goes back a winner!

To qualify, you need to inform the staff that you will be hogging playing the machine BEFORE you play.

You can also opt to change your catches with bigger plush in the same machines. After catching several small plushes, you can change it to bigger ones.

If you are heading there, try the machines near the entrance. From our experience, they are the easiest to catch. Catching a plush may take more than one try but if you are skilful enough, it will be a relatively easy catch.
What a haul!
Check out our video to see how we caught a huge number of plushies from the machine!
Carnival Games
Carnival Games
Unlike other arcades in town, Jakarta Radiant World also has carnival games!

Carnival Games
There are only 2 carnival game stores but we loved it!
Carnival Game @ Jakarta Radiant World
There are other machines other than claw catchers such as Small Sweetland, build a brick and table soccer.

Build a Brick
Limited ticketed games are available where you can change for sweets or plushies.

You need to change to tokens to play. We recommend changing $20 as it will get you the best deal of 50 tokens!

Change Tokens

Jakarta Radiant World
Kallang Wave Mall

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  1. I live close to Kallang Wave and I have been to this arcade a few times. It is a fun cosy place. However, my only complain is that the selection of items to redeem with my tickets is very dismal. They should at least take some of the items from their claw machine for people to redeem. I have people giving me their tickets because there is nothing to redeem.


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