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Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan Review 2019: Psychedelic Fun

Roboto Roboto ... the jingle was perpetually playing in Robot Restaurant Shinjuku.

If you have not heard about the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, you probably missed the wackiest experience Tokyo has to offer. Combining a mixture of Robots, animatronics and energetic dancers, this is one psychedelic show that showcases the quirky side of Japan.

During our last trip to Tokyo, we thought it would be a good idea to head to Robot Restaurant Shinjuku. We had heard about this show in the past, but it was more 'adult' in nature and thus skipped it on previous visits. The recent reviews seemed to indicate that there was a revamp and the show had become more family-friendly. So we decided to head down to investigate.

Our tickets were secured from Klook  Klook offered the cheapest tickets we could find online. The price was cheaper by 35% more off retail and it includes a drink (Current promotion comes with a souvenir and free photo with the Robots *). A good bargain and highly recommended if you intend to watch the performance. Showtimes are at 330pm, 530pm, 730pm and 930 pm.

* As of June 2019

Shinjuku- Spot the Godzilla

Robot Restaurant is located in Shinjuku. If you know where Godzilla is hiding in Shinjuku, you should be able to find it as it is located nearby in a parallel lane. Look out for the brightly lit Robot Restaurant Neon signs that will guide you on the way. There will be 2 giant female robots that will be 'guarding' the entrance. Do feel free to take a picture before the show commence.
We were bought into a lounge that was decked out in 70s glitzy fashion. Mirrors on the wall, red velvet chairs, neon lights... this set the tone for the evening.  You can get your drinks and food at the bar before the show starts. Even though this is a 'restaurant' , we think the food was unnecessary as you would have limited space in the theatre to eat ( you have a tiny aeroplane seat table at your seat). However, do grab a drink especially if you had purchased your tickets from Klook (it's included!).

Robot Restaurant Lounge
Contrary to reviews we read, there was no preshow performance (Maybe they change the format or omit it from the earliest show). Nonetheless, you can get yourself a Robot Restaurant exclusive souvenir while waiting for the show to start. ( As of June 2019, you get a souvenir FREE with Klook Tickets)

We have ushered down a psychedelic and mind-boggling staircase to be lead to a chamber 6 flights under to a cosy open space with seats on either side for the audience to seat.

Psychedelic staircase

Drummers at Robot Resturant

The Robot Restaurant show had evolved throughout the years. A couple of years ago, it was a strict cabaret show with skimpy dress women and a couple of robots. Today, it is much more family-friendly with performers in colourful costume, dance performances and even a wacky storyline about celestial animals vs evil robots.

The performance kicked off with a short preshow to demonstrate safety during the performance. The first segment was probably the most mind-boggling one with performers mixing Taito drums with electric guitars to give a mini-concert. 

The colourful costumes, the 'in your face' dance routines and the wide smiles on the performers (and audience) showed why everyone was enjoying themselves during the routine.

Robot Restaurant Performers

There will be pauses between each segment of the show. It will be the best opportunity to stock up on souvenir as well as food and drinks.

The next segment, we had 'kung fu' panda and gang battling the evil robots
Kung Fu Panda
As mentioned earlier, the show is now pretty family-friendly as evident by this battle between the celestial animals and robots.
We will defeat you!

It was a weird act. The show started with small celestial animals vs small robots. Each 'defeated' opponent will retreat and be replaced by bigger opponents.

Who will win - Robots or animals?

Come and get me
The final battle is a showdown between the Big cannons and T Rex!

It's wacky and lots of sensory overload for the little ones.

After the battle is a light dance routine featuring robots. Dancing to the tune of thriller, the performance is akin to watching a Las Vegas show.

The 1 hour 30 minutes performance ended with a Rio De Janerio inspired carnival performance with YMCA blasting throughout the stage. 

It was one big party at the Robot Restaurant!
Bird on a horse?
We were left dazzled and bewildered at the end of the performance.

At the end of the show, you get to take photos of your favourite robots too.


The latest performance at Robot Restaurant is certified family-friendly. For a wacky experience like no other in Tokyo, this one will be hard to beat. Underneath the concrete facade of the densely build Tokyo is one show that will transport you to another dimension. If you are in Shinjuku and have an hour or two to spare, do check out the show. The show changes performance occasionally, so do not be surprised if you are seeing one different from the review.

Robot Restaurant


Japan, 〒160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho, 1丁目7−1 新宿ロボットビル

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