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Sega Joypolis , Odaiba Tokyo Review : Tips on how to maximize your One Day passport.

It is time to visit Joypolis, Tokyo!

Over the past 5 years, we had been to Tokyo for about 4 times. We had always stayed in Odaiba during the holidays and had passed by Joypolis countless of times. The reason why we missed it in the past was that we were too young to enjoy the rides within. It all changed when we visited Tokyo last December.
With the help of Klook, we got our online tickets pre trip and am all ready for the rides ahead.  Sega Tokyo turned out to be a fun outing for us and one afternoon trip there was just not enough. Let us give you a sneak peek on what to expect.

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1st Floor
The actions start the moment you step in, There are a total of 6 rides in on this floor. Other attractions include a UFO catcher Machines and arcade games ( these cost extra)
Arcade games

Halfpipe Tokyo - ¥800 Min Ht 130cm

The first thing that catches your eye is the Giant structure. This is the Halfpipe Tokyo and it will swing you side by side to a 90-degree angle.
Halfpipe Tokyo
Pirate's Plunder -¥600 Minimum Ht 110cm
Pirate's Plunder
Shoot the skeletons and see which Pirate recruit is the best shooter. It is a first-person shooter game that will test your worth.

Initial D - Arcade Stage4 Limited - ¥600 Min Ht 140cm 
Initial D - Arcade Stage4 Limited

If you are a fan of Initial D, you would love this. How about racing in a real WRX or Mazda RX 7 or the old skool AE-86 Trueno. This is super fun!
Geikon Live Coaster - ¥800
Geikon Live Coaster
Part Music, Part Roller Coaster, this is the world's first indoor 'concert coaster'

Zero Latency VR - ¥ 1800- ¥2000
Source: Joypolis
Put on your head mount display, step into virtual space and take out the enemies. We missed this as it requires advance booking.  If you are visiting, this is one ride not to be missed

The Joypolis Explorer -  ¥ 600
It's a mini treasure hunt. However, we decided to skip it as it takes an hour to complete.

Other attractions - Main Stage

This is where digital and real artists give a live performance on stage

Prizes Corner
UFO Catcher
UFO catcher anyone. How could we resist saving Sonic and bringing him home?

See how we did it and other wins at the arcade here

JP Store

You probably should take a look here if you are looking for souvenirs when you end your day.

2nd Floor
The fun continues on the 2nd floor. There are also 6 rides on this floor. So, let's get started.

Sonic Athletics ¥ 500 Min Ht 110cm
Sonic Athletics
Run Sonic Sun. Take on the challenge and race with Sonic and Friends. Do a dash, long jump and hurdles event to see who comes out tops.

Transformers Human Alliance Special ¥600 Min Ht 130cm

Spin round and round and shoot the enemies while you are at it!

House of Dead 4 SP ¥ 500, Let's go Jungle SP ¥500

Familiar with these 2 games at the arcade?
At Joypolis, everything is upgraded and you get to experience a 4D sensation in this first-person shooter games. Expect the ride to twist and turn as you gun down predators or zombies.
Let's go Jungle
Storm G ¥600 Min 140cm
Storm G
Ride in a futuristic Bb-Sleigh with a 360° twist - Not for the faint-hearted

Sonic Brain Ranking ¥600
Test who has the best IQ within 5 games. We skipped this as it was in Japanese.

Other Attractions: Sonic Carnival

Step right up for mini carnival games. Games cost ¥200 per play

The games are pretty winnable for adult standard and maybe the best chance for you to take home a plush. It is a tad challenging for younger kids though.
Take me Home!
Other attractions : D Lounge
If you need a snack, this would make a good pit-stop!

3rd Floor
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The 3rd Floor house 11 rides and attractions. Time to see what it has to offer!

Wild Jungle Brothers ¥600 Min Ht 110 cm, Wild River ¥600

These 2 4D rides are pretty similar. One lets you run the rapids on a 'special' raft while the other takes you on an adventurous jeep tour in the jungle. Both are equally fun!

Wild Jungle Brothers

Wild Wing ¥600 Min Ht 110cm
Wild Wing

A similar ride to Wild Jungle Brothers and Wild River. This time soar through the clouds on a glider to explore the beautiful virtual world.

Fortune Forest ¥600

Initially, we were sceptical about this. It was supposed to tell your fortune through a series of activities in the 'forest'. At the end of it, we were blown away. The individual analysis of the four of us was 90% accurate.
Fortune Telling 
Do not believe? Check out Daddy's suitable job... Involve in internet-related business and working as a writer of a reporter. Does the author of qualify?

Unsearchable ¥600
This is the Escape Room equivalent in Joypolis. Playing it on its own is already worth its entrance. We did it three times before we managed to beat the clock and solve the puzzle!
Biohazard ¥600

Experience fear like you never before in this Resident Evil 7 world. This attraction is in Japanese.

The Room of the Living Doll ¥600
The Room of the Living Doll
Another horror tale. This time is a super stereo horror adventure. Not for the faint-hearted. The attraction is in Japanese.

Mystic Mansion - Tale of Pandemonium ¥600

Marking a trio of horrors for horror fans is the Mystic Mansion where you will meet the mischievous 'Ayakashi'  Enjoy horror of a Japanese atmosphere if you dare. The attraction is in Japanese.

Phoenix Wright Ace in Joypolis ¥600

This is a famous Japanese game in Japanese, we skipped it due to the language barrier.

Lola and Carla the Beauty Contest ¥600
Find your potential as a stage model 

Joypoli Sugoroku ¥600
It's SUGOROKU , a long and winding attraction that extends through Tokyo Joypolis, making masterful use of a special device.

Other Attractions: Frame Cage

Enjoy a break while checking out the million-dollar view of Tokyo.

Bubble Machine

Old skool machines that lets you win bubblegum or two if you beat it.

Quick Tips on maximizing your tickets
Tips to Enjoy Joypolis

1 Book Tickets online
It is cheaper than getting on the spot
Get discounted tickets from Klook here

2 Book a Passport Ticket 
It will be worth it if your kids and taking at least 6 rides there. Rides can be repeated for passport ticket (unlimited rides).

Admission: Adult ¥500 Child ¥500
Full-Day Tickets: Adult ¥4300 Child ¥3300 

Average Ride cost: ¥600 . 6 games ¥ 3600. More cost savings for more rides!

3 Visit during weekday
Less crowded and more time for rides

4 Start from 3rd Floor
This is where most rides are located. Start from here and work your way down.

5 Go for the rides with shorter queues first
Clear as many rides as you can before queuing up for the rest

6 Bring extra cash
You will need it for the carnival games and UFO catchers.

7 Allocate a whole day there

Book your activities from Klook here!
Promotion valid till end 2018

Joypolis is one place you have to visit while you are in Odaiba. Rain or shine, it is a perfect day out for the family in an iconic indoor theme park. A must-do on our list!

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  1. Hi we are a family of 2A1C travelling to Odaiba this nov 2019 and your blog had been very helpful. Thank you :) realize you had stay in both Grand Nikkon Odaiba and Hilton Tokyo Odaiba. kindly advise which is the more preferred one? We are also actually looking at Sunroute Arikae which is a few stops away and the price is so much more cheaper. would appreciate some advice. thank you :)

    1. I think we choose Grand Nikki because it can accommodate 3 adults and 1 child . Other than that , both are equally good . They are only 5 minutes apart from each other . If I have to choose I think I would go for Grand Nikki


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