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Hotel Universal Port Osaka Blog Review

Have you stayed at a Universal Studios Hotel before?

The first hotel we stayed at in Osaka was the Hotel Universal Port. The main reason why we chose this hotel was because of its proximity to Universal Studios Japan. We figured that we would head there for a whole day, so it would be great to have a hotel to stay nearby.


Hotel Port Universal is one of the official hotels of Universal Studios Japan. Being an official hotel, you can expect a Universal-related theme in the Hotel Decor. Best of all, it is only a 4-minute walk to Universal Studios.

Getting there and Checking in
Hotel Port Universal Lobby

Getting to the hotel was a breeze from Kansai International Airport. Simply purchase the bus tickets from the airport (Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise), and it will take you to Universal City Walk Osaka, within walking distance of the hotel.

The hotel itself was decked out in Minion's theme.

It was a Hacha! Mecha! Moment for us. Even the lift itself is decked out in Minon garb. Makes us bananas!

The Room
Key card
After getting our keys, it is time to head to our room. We were surprised to see Jellyfish on every floor in the lift lobby. Super cool.
The room that we had was a 4-bed room. It's perfect for a family of 4. There are other room options available for stay as well ( 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms). Do note that if your child is over 7 years old, he or she must have a bed of his or her own.

4 Bedroom
There are no Minions in the room. It was a simple decor but fully functional.

Each room has an attached bathroom with a tub and a separate toilet.

You would love the automated toilets. The seats would lift up on their own when someone approached. Since we are in Japan, you can expect bells and whistles such as a heater and washer built in the toilet bowl. We loved it!

The toilet also comes with Universal Port amenities. Nice.

Leave your jammies at home. There are small pyjamas for kids provided in the room. There are adult Jammies too.

If you like, you could top up a little more for the Minion's theme room. However, since we would be out most of the time, we could not justify paying double for the upgrade.
Source: Hotel Port Universal
There are 2 main views from the Hotel Room. There is the park view and the Ocean view.

Park View

Personally, we love the park view, especially at night when you can see Universal Citywalk lighting up. Request for one if you are booking a room
Ocean View
Rico Rico Port Dining (2F)
Add caption

 The breakfast buffet was included in our package. Breakfast is served buffet-style at Rico Rico Port Dining.

Port Hotel Universal has one of the best buffet breakfasts we had during our trip. You can even have Takoyaki there. It has a good mix of Japanese and Western fare. There is also a special buffet Counter for kids.


 Lounge R (1F)
Lounge R
Diner under Trex at Lounge R.This is the in-house bar that serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner too.

Rex Bar (1F)
Rex Bar

For all-day dining, head to the Rex Bar to have your fill.


Rex Entertainment
If you are looking for some quick bites, you can also head to Rex Marketplace to shop around. It is a small convenience stall in the hotel.

Rex Market

While you are there, do try the fruit-flavoured ice cream.

Ice Cream

There is also a tiny corner selling Universal Merchandise.

If you have yet to book your tickets for Universal Studios Japan, you could head to the Tickets counter in the hotel to get them. Express passes are available too. However, we think it is better to book the tickets beforehand. There is a good chance ticket might be sold out ( Especially the Express Pass) for the days you want to visit Universal Studios.

You can get discounted tickets from Klook. They are one of the authorised sellers and the one with the best price online.

Ticket Counter

Other facilities include a baby room and laundry.

It may not be the poshest Universal Official Hotel, but it has everything we need for this trip.

Things to do
Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan is a must-do activity on the list if you are staying at Hotel Universal Port. It is located only 4 minutes away from the hotel on foot.

Planning a visit already? Check out 15 ways to maximise your day in Universal Studios Japan.

Universal CityWalk
Universal Citywalk
Looking for things to do in the evening?

You can head to Universal Citywalk Osaka, located 4 minutes away. This place has dining, shopping and even an arcade if you want to enjoy some evening activities.


Hotel Universal Port has a working dock located just behind the hotel. So you could hop onto the Captain's Line and head across the Aji River to the nearby Minato. Things you could do there include the Osaka Museum Kaiyukan, Tempoza Ferries Wheel, Legoland Discovery Center or even take a cruise on the Santa Maria, the replica of Christopher Columbus's ship!

If you are heading there. We recommend purchasing the Osaka Amazing Pass. Attractions like Legoland Discovery Center, Tempozan Ferries Wheel, Santa Maria, and Captain's Line are covered in the past.

You can see more highlights on our Osaka Family Holiday Guide - 8 Days Itinerary. 
Santa Maria

It's a wonderful stay at Hotel Universal Port Osaka. If we were to do it again, we would probably extend it another day or 2. Getting to Dotonbori was a mere 30 minutes train ride. Rooms are relatively cheaper and more significant than the hotels at Dotonbori. A good deal!

Want to stay in Hotel Universal Port Osaka?
We booked our stay at, and it is one of the cheapest online. Best of all, it has a cancellation policy in case of last-minute changes.

You can book your stay here too!

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