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Art Zoo Inflatable Park 2018 Guide : Every Inflatable Review!

We are going to the zoo zoo zoo.

Nope not your usual zoo but the Art Zoo at The Float@ Marina Bay

The second edition of the art zoo is back, bigger and wilder than before.


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Giant Inflatables at The Art Zoo
The largest experiential art inflatable playground at the heart of the City Center returns with 15 Giant Animals From the zoo. It is open to everyone from 0 to 100 (although we do not recommend you bring your babies there)  Compared to the normal bouncy castles, these are gigantic and a whole lot more stable.
Are you ready for the Art Zoo
All ages can bounce, jump, slide in these art installations. Guarantee an evening of fun for kids!


Inflatable Guide

Magical Rainbow
Magical Rainbow @ Art Zoo
Take a kaleidoscopic slide down this 6 seater slide unicorn. This is the tallest inflatable at Art-Zoo at 19 meters (about the height of 4.5 double-decker bus stack on top of each other!)

Go Wheeww!

Little Kong
Little Kong @ Art Zoo

King Kong in the city?

Not really, but at 6 storeys tall, Little Kong is no slouch. It is the best place for an Instagram shot at the Art Zoo.
Little Kong!
Black Forest
Black Forest @ Art Zoo

Gorillas, zebras and a unique Quagga is here to play at the black forest. Go join them!

Green River
Green River @ Art Zoo
Crocodiles, dragonflies and water lilies in this gentle bouncy inflatable. A safer inflatable for young kids due to its relatively flat area

Orange Rocks
Orange Rocks @ Art Zoo
Head to the African Safari and check out these friendly rhinoceros and elephants. Try to spot kiwis there too.

Purple Meadows
Purple Meadows @ Art Zoo

Moles and Hedgehogs can be found here.

Yeti's Peak
Yeti's Peak @ Art Zoo
You can only find a Yeti in Art Zoo!
Bash through the mountains and find the Yeti. On the way, spot some Alpacas zoo.

Yellow Woods
Yellow Woods@ Art Zoo
Climb past the numbats to get to the top of the Yellow Woods to meet the Tiger. This inflatable has steps so smaller kids would need help for the climb.

Pink Lagoon
Pink Lagoon @ Art Zoo
The Flamingo enchant you in this sea of pink in Pink Lagoon. Warning... you might get wet here!

Blue Bay
Blue Bay @ Art Zoo
The Otters are back at Marina Bay!
Since they made Marina Bay their home, you are sure that they will be at the Art Zoo to defend their turf.

BBB Bubbly Bear Bath
Bubbly Bear Bath @ Art Zoo
This is the boys favourite. It is an inflatable filled with 150,000 balls!
Check out the Giant bear in the tub. Since it is a bubble bath, be prepared to get wet.
Red Reefs
Red Reefs @ Art Zoo
This is a ring of 70 coral reefs at the Red Reefs. Great for playing hide and seek.

Find me if you can
 Find Narwhals, starfishes and Vaquita X-Ray Tetras. Beware of the Jelly Fish!
Great for Hiding and Seek
The Beetles
The Beetles @ Art Zoo
Not a bouncy ride, but great fun nonetheless.
Let's play ball!
Head into the ladybird's liar and be enchanted with the bouncy colourful balls within!

Checkmates @ Art Zoo
Hoot Hoot Hoot ...It's the barn owls vs the penguins at Checkmates. There are 22 of each character, just like a chess set!

Candy Canyon
Candy Canyon @ Art Zoo
Can you find the iguanas that are blending into the Candy Canyon?

Tips on having a great time at Art Zoo
Tips for Art Zoo!
  • No shoes are allowed. Wear Sandals or slippers We do not recommend socks as it is wet at some inflatables
  • Parents to accompany kids at all times. The inflatables are open to both young and old, so supervision is necessary. It's fun to jump as a family!
  • Wear shorts and Ts. It is more comfortable. Bring an extra set of clothes as you may get wet!
Wear Shorts, Ts and Sandals
  • No food and drinks (except water) in the compound. You are here to jump, not to have a picnic
  • No re-entry, so go to the toilet first before entering the premises.
  • Need a Seat? Look out for these Cactus seating area.
Place to rest
  • Travel light, no bags allowed in the inflatables
  • Go on weekdays to avoid crowds, especially for children.
  • Go at 5 pm, not too hot and not too dark.  Great for photo

Art Zoo opens daily on The Float@ Marina Bay from 5pm to 10 pm ( weekend / public holidays opens at 3pm) from 9 March to 1 April.Tickets at $18 each at the door, but you can get discounted tickets from Klook!


Let's go to the Art Zoo!
See you at the Art Zoo!
Art Zoo

TWD was invited for a Media Preview of the Art Zoo 


  1. so it means you can't re-enter if nature calls?

    1. I think so, according to the tickets information.


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